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PRC License Renewal for OFWs | 2022

Good day Creatives!

Today, I’m sharing how I managed to renew my PRC License in Cebu.

So, I went home on 29th Sept and on 30-Sept. I managed to book a schedule in PRC to renew my license. You can visit this link to get an appointment: https://online.prc.gov.ph/  – It is better if you create/register an account for an easy access of your PRC related activities. Inside your account it has an option if you want to renew and where. You can choose the time and date. Inside the platform/website – you also have the option to pay online or onsite, in my case since I have an active G-Cash account, so I paid online.

While applying, they will ask the basic information and when you go on site, here are the requirements:

  1. Original and copy of your PRC ID
  2. Application Form
  3. Appointment and receipt (email)
  4. OEC or a verified Employment Contract
  5. Flight Ticket

Good news! OFWs  are exempted in the CPD Requirement!!!

All the while I’ve been stressed on how to get CPDs only to know that we (OFWs) are exempted. I have confirmed this via email through PRC’s email address ([email protected]) and I quote this line –

Pursuant to Resolution 2019-1146, professionals working overseas shall not be covered by the CPD requirement for the period while working abroad.

This exemption can be availed by presenting a copy of the Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or valid employment contract upon claiming the PIC.


I arrived an hour earlier than my appointment and right after I arrive, the security guard guided me to submit all my documents in the blue box in counter 1. In a few minutes, counter 1 officer called my name and asked some questions.

  1. Do you have a CPD? – I said no, because I’m an OFW.
  2. Do you have OEC/Employment Contract – I submitted

Then I asked when can I take the card, will a family member be authorized? She asked if I already have a flight ticket, I said yes and gave it as well. (Note: make sure you keep a copy because they will keep both the ticket and employment contract – as part of the requirements)

Then she told me to proceed to Counter 2 & 3.

Counter 2 – The officer called my name, confirmed my details – my major and told me to wait for a while.

Counter 3 – Prepared my Board Certificate – which I didn’t know it exist :) it looks like this.

CTTO: http://prcbaguio.blogspot.com. It will change the profession based on what is your profession.


So, it took me less than an hour to get both board certificate and my physical PRC ID.

Note: PRC ID are printed on site IF you have a valid ticket going back to your work place. All other professionals that are PH/Cebu based have to wait for specific duration. This benefit applies for OFWs only.


Once both documents are received, you will be asked to sign the log-book. Confirming that you have received them. Aaaaannnd you are done! :)

So happy with this transaction. Thumbs up to PRC for making this accessible and fast!


God bless.






PRC: Professional Regulatory Commission.

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