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Collaborations 2018

Collaborations 2018 -

Time to wrap up this year’s collaborations! Here’s a run down . . .


  1. Influenster Box : Kat Vond Dagger Tattoo Eyeliner

  2. Why is the Weather Hard to Predict?

  3. Meeting the demands of the 21st Century through dynamic learning w/ REX Bookstore

  4. Little Hut Flowers – Send Flowers as Get Well Soon Gift (Singapore)

  5. Wholesale Airtrack : Quality Gymnastic Air Tumble Mat

  6. Competition Time @Old English Co. (UK)

  7. The Flower Gem of Dubai – A Better Florist

  8. Plus UAE – Your All Around Business Set-up Partner in Abu Dhabi

  9. English Language App

  10. Reliable OEM ATV Parts Provider from Bike Bandit


Oopppssss a new collaboration just sprout, guess I’m having 11 this year! :D Let’s hope for the best! To see the complete list of the brands and products I worked with, head over to my collab page.

Looking forward to whom will I be collaborating next year! :D See you all friends!


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