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Dear 🎅 Santa

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Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year! :D

Most of the time, kids (and kids at heart) write to you to tell you their wishes. To ask the desires of our hearts and mind. To whisper into your ears the things that makes our eyes shine and brings smiles into our faces . . .

I, on the other hand is writing you this because I’d like to tell you THANK YOU!

Also, I’d like to share to the other readers of this letter something not many people know about who you really are. I know you and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID  . . . in 343 AD.

YOU are Nicolas of Bari from Lycia – present day Turkey. Your parents are wealthy and your a devout Christian. You’ve been generous even in your early age. You were imprisoned, released and became a priest and later a bishop.
You are associated with Christmas because of your tradition of giving secret gifts to children. Thus parents have made you a friendly figure during this season. Your feast day is on 6th December which was the date of your death. Although it’s a sad day, but it has become a celebration because of your virtue and that you have represented Christ through giving, indeed you brought joy to children and even to adults. 

Aside from that thank you of course, let’s go now, into my wishlist! :D

*I hope that everyone celebrating this yuletide season will be reminded that this is ALL ABOUT CHRIST. There’s no Christmas without CHRIST.

*Please let my family and friends have a great Christmas and New Year. Keep them safe and make them feel my love even if I’m away from them.

*A new job that I love would really be great! Although I’m open to being a published author too! :D (wink*) #TheCreativePassport

*I pray for good health to all my family members, friends, community brothers and sisters and everyone else who suffers pain physically, emotionally and mentally. Even those who  are struggling with Spiritual dryness too. May they find the light back to God once again.

*I continue to lift up all families to have a strong spiritual foundation. For couples to keep their eyes on Jesus and for us to keep the fire in our marriage, putting Him in the midst of it. May Christ’s love be our model in giving out love to others.

*I’d like to offer a special wish to the Filipino people around the world and especially those who are in the Philippines… that may we learn to UNITE for the greater cause of the nation.

*I wish for CFFL Community Growth. Both in numbers and of spiritually matured leaders and members. Special intention to CFFL Dubai of course. May we manage to surpass the struggles and challenges that is inevitable in this area. For His Glory.

This list could go on and on… but to be honest, I don’t want much this year.

I just want the person reading this to be happy.  I pray that may their wishes come true. That they will stay connected to the true source of happiness. No one but the only reason of this season.

* * *

Dear Santa,

The lines in every Christmas Villages (in malls/parks) are so long – but it never stops the people to fall in line  just to be near you and to get a photo of you with the kiddos… Thank you for bringing joy to all of us!

And hey! I also have a wish for you!

That you continue inspiring children to dream on and finally THANK YOU for representing Christ!
dear santa -
That’s Kokobear as Santa during the CFFL Dubai Family Day & Christmas Party 2018 on 7th Dec.










Curious of my Christmas wishlist? This may help. :)

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