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3 Mindsets All Creatives Must Have

You have it.

Yes! You have it! You are destined for greatness and you have the gift that only you have. It’s been one of my favorite quote that “Everyone can be Creative”. You just have to unleash it and be willing to explore different creative pursuits. Eventually you’ll know that you have what it takes and you have a gift from above. Not sharing your gift to the world would also mean that you don’t honor God for your talents. So don’t hide it – be you, be creative!

A student of life mindset

I’m a Lavendaire fan and Marie Forleo follower and both ladies are a big fan of the fact that each and every creative must have this mindset of being a lifelong learner.

Don’t be afraid to Collaborate

All this time, I really thought that I could do everything on my own. When all the creatives seemed to claim of being an introvert, I’d say I am one too. But introvert in the most opposite way. I’m the only social scientist who doesn’t like to socialize. Yet I have learned the hard way that in order to thrive and learn, I have to collaborate. Ask help, ask guidance, ask permission and more. I have this fear that people will say “NO” to me, or people will not accommodate my request and true enough I have had moments like that. Shifting my mind into the reality that may sound clichè yet truly authentic is that no one is an island. Being creative requires you to explore uncomfortable zones that you have to surpass and learn to live it. So be open to new challenges, be open to working with others. You’ll never know you’ll meet your first client, follower or important critique all along. Do collaborate.


These mindset have helped me in this creative journey for the past year. We all are creatives in our own rights and having the right mindsets will help us polish our craft, be more productive and create more.


Never stop learning!

Be blessed and be God’s blessings.











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