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Relationship Goals: Expectation VS Reality

Relationship Goals: Expectation VS Reality

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How time flies, I vividly remember celebrating Christmas and New year of 2018 and now we are off to the second month of 2019. Hello hello February!

Wow, how time flies! February is known for Valentine’s Day – a day or even a month-long celebration that are visible all over the malls worldwide. Hearts and other decorations all the way. Setting the tone for a Love month all merchandise and corners of a shop or mall may have their décor now.

Then, you see a lot of your friends and family and not so close friend/acquaintance (+ favorite celebrities on their IG) doing all their hashtags on #RelationshipGoals. An array of photos from couples having their dates in five-star hotels, a husband bringing flowers and chocolate, a boyfriend-girlfriend enjoying coffee and movie time, a couple traveling to their favorite destination. Paris if you may go far and really makes your social media friends goes WOOOWWW!  Others may do a little low-key by simply doing home cooked meals, baking for the loved-one, going to church for a mass as a celebration of the hearts day/month. Some pairs do a couple of matching shirts, couple massage, couple this and couple that! The social media will now again be full of highly curated photos and captions all the way. And I have to say I’m not exempted to this reality…

Oh by the way singles also have their own way of celebrating this with friends and maybe doing some self-care too. J Sorry for the bitter ones. You’ll find him or her someday!

All these are our ideal couple and relationship goals and of course led the people in our circle thinking that everything is doing great in our life. An expectation that will break a lot of people’s heart when one day you’ll come out and you and your loved one are no longer together.

Reality shown in most of our social media timelines will mostly be sugar-coated and behind these stories are deeper meaningful interaction that not many of us would like to share to anyone. Others may have best friends or family members to talk and confide to. Others may consider meeting a therapist. Chances are we fall into the trap of showing to the world through our Facebook and Instagram posts and stories that we are living the life. Afraid of what people will say and how they’d react when they see our life falling apart.  We hide between those screens and somehow create a persona separate from our real one. Of course I’m not saying it happens to all, I honor those who are honest and still keeping the grip of being able to see everything in a different manner.

But for those who are seriously struggling in this aspect of life – On relationship/love issues; a couples therapy or counseling may apply.

Head over to to learn more about their services as they guide you into the step-by-step process of helping relationships, couples most especially to build and maintain  an open channel for them to interact and hopefully with God’s grace be blessed with patching things up and be able to live a better life as girlfriend-boyfriend or as a married couple.





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