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I’m a big believer that everyone is creative! “Everyone Can be Creative”…therefore in this blog post I’d like to share what causes creativity.

Creativity stems in each one of us, into our very being. God has given us gifts in various forms for us to make the people around us happy, inspired and blossom as well to the kind of person they are destined to become. We give inspiration and we feed our souls (and the others) to do their own too.



The ability to question without fear, the ability to care for your art and what you bring out of it.


Seeing problems and ideas. The ability to steal like an artist. Be observant, copy and make it better.


Knowing you don’t know everything, therefore explore, ask question, observe, have a mentor.


Exploring and Experimenting. Our curiosity brings us to our passion. Through our curious mind we explore the unknown learning and receiving signs from the universe.


Something to tinker with. We find ways to complete our task, we lead initiatives and become resourceful in bringing forth our inspiration and ideas.


Explore. It is the moment that wakes you up in the morning and inspire you to go head on with your project.


Not just thinking but doing. Nothing will ever be done if we don’t DO the task. Go ACT on it!


There could be more reasons, than the above seven things, but what matters most is the action and the trust of God’s gift in you. As my favorite entrepreneur/creative always says in all her blogs and videos…


” The world needs that special gift that only you have!”Marie Forleo.


So, time to start and act out! What’s your current creative project? Share it below and show it to the world. 🌏

Go ahead, share your time and talent!


God bless.


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