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UAESC 2019 Homecoming | Session 2 (An Answered Prayer)

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Dropping a quick recap on the recent talk I delivered for UAE Singles Congress 2019 in Al Ain. Also sharing my personal experience and process on how I go about this blessing. :)

Here’s the content recap:

What makes a community, COMMUNITY?

  • Common
  • Unity
  • Communion

Being a part of a community allows us to have these:

  • Spiritual Gaining
  • Spiritual Giving
  • Spiritual Accompaniment

The Action is to live out the following

  • Live out the CALL
  • Live out the COVENANT

Basically, that’s the skeleton of the talk itself and if you’re curious of the whole slides/presentation, you can see it below. Alternatively head over to my LinkedIn SlideShare page to view all of my other presentations.

PM me if you’re interested in using some of my slides. I’m happy to share. 😊

Now, let’s get a little bit personal…

Funny how you thought of it and the thought came true.

Earlier this year I’m that GOAL/TO DO (hope to do/accomplish) person when it comes to my creative side. Indeed, this thought of delivering a talk to a bigger audience. bigger than the last one I had with SFL Abu Dhabi’s Love Forum. Personally, I love hosting event and I’ve been hosting for a long while now in both small and big crowds. Let’s just say I had around 1000 back in college days.

Delivering a talk, on the other hand is another story and a taller order especially when you are representing Christ. This task is never easy. Aside from self-doubt of being unworthy many other factors shake you. But for this talk – I know I want it. I desire it.

One night a I was thinking of sharing this thought to Kokobear, I was hesitant for whatever reason. So, I slept with that thought. The next day I received a call from Stacy! She woke me up in one of my late-wake-up-moments-and-days and delivered this news!!! To my surprise I was not able to think twice, I accepted it. I thank the Lord for such blessing. My mind is running through the past days/months when I started thinking about it… Si Lord talaga! – I have kept repeating that expression, thinking be careful what you ask for – He gives it! Hehe 😊

Being chosen to deliver this talk is a privilege, many could give this – especially those who have been in the community for a while. On the day, I still feel my nerves acting strangely – the usual pre-talk moments. But I leave it all to Him. He chose me, He provide, He equipped me!

SFL UAE Singles Congress - Session 2 - One Home (JM)

I was faithfully enjoying the moment doing one of the things I love to do the most. Sharing personal experience, expressing myself with all my quirky ways and for sure led by the Holy Spirit. Thank you Father.

To top it all, I bring back all the glory and appreciation I received back to God. I am nothing without Him.

To you brothers and sisters, who might also have the chance to represent God, be still.

You are blessed.

You are chosen.

You are loved.

He will equip and make you worthy.

You belong to a bigger community of Christ.


Stay faithful, be blessed and be God’s blessing!








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