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Motivation -

Dropping a quick blog (list type) of things to do/consider in motivating others or your team.

While creating a presentation (for work), I have come up with this basic list of motivation for any team you belong too, especially if you are the team leader. Here are 7 ways to motivate your team to achieve better results.

  1. Share Your Vision and Set Clear Goals
  2. Recognize a Job Well Done
  3. Build relationships. (Figure out what makes your team member tick )
  4. Break big tasks into small manageable tasks
  5. Support Each other (Be a T.E.A.M.)
  6. Express Gratitude
  7. Celebrate Wins


Share Your Vision and Set Clear Goals

To get your team mates on board, it is important that you share your goal and vision. Don’t leave your group left hanging without idea what or where to go to.


Recognize a Job Well Done

A simple way of recognizing a job well done is to verbally say “good job!” to your team member/mate. Such easy, thoughtful and short encouraging line could pluck the strings of your member’s. This will remind them that they are valued. That you see them, and you recognize their effort especially those tasks that are properly done.


Build Relationships

The most important aspect of being a team is relationship. In whatever team you belong to, the core foundation of a success and working out together is the type of relationship that you have with your group. As a team leader/supervisor/servant or whatever key role you play as the lead person of a group – it is helpful, useful and beneficial to know your people. Spending time with them, getting to hear their stories and authentically have a concern for them matters. After all,  we are all created to have a harmonious relationship with each other.


Break Big tasks into small ones

At times the task at hand is humongous that passing it directly to your members would overwhelm them. One of the important skills a leader must have is to know how to break the tasks, delegate it and make sure that these tasks are taken consideration by accomplishing small tasks at a time to complete the bigger task. For example, if the task will need to be completed in 3 days, break the tasks into each days. Divide it into how many hours a day, delegate specific type of task to a specific person who has the expertise on such subject and set your goals by showing the whole picture to the team so that everyone is aware.


Support Each other (Be a T.E.A.M.)

Support each and everyone in your group. As human beings we have different personalities and ways, but then being able to support our teammates in times of needs, in situations that requires assistance is another key motivation for that member to know that s/he is not alone in his/her endeavors. As the meaning of T-E-A-M says so, Together Everyone Achieves More. Work together, support for each other and reach goals as one.


Express Gratitude

Saying THANK YOU. The simplest way to express gratitude. Always be grateful to God, to your team mates and to anyone who has made your life easy. Or even in trying times when its difficult to appreciate things/people. Eventually once you never give and you surpass that test, have the gratitude attitude that you’ve encounter it and you made it.


Celebrate Wins

Small or big wins it is worth celebrating. Life is an accumulation of moments worth remembering and WINS are wins. Recognizing accomplishments from our team is a way to celebrate it. Applause, expressing gratitude, recognizing job well done and a mini food fellowship will also be a great way to celebrate wins!


For sure there will be more of these #motivation.

Share below how do you motivate your group/team/self/friends/kids?


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