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#InMyHeart ♥ New Tagline

In my heart has a new tagline…

I’ve been trying to figure out something that would inspire people in God’s context. This is something that I’d like to use in my outro for my videos and probably some of the blog posts.

YOU are God’s artwork!

– every single person is made and created by God, therefore it is only right that

(You) Blossom the way you should be!

So, there is not much to say here, only the fact that – no matter where and what you are going through right now, stay committed to God. Stay connected, pray and spend time with Him. God’s test will be your testimony. You are exactly where you are right now because God will it so.

The challenge here is for us not to give up and just keep going.

Personally, I’ve been engraving it into my head – – – “To live ONE DAY at a time”. Because lately I’ve been anxious on the what’s in the future,,, of the things that hasn’t happened yet. And then I compose myself and remind me that whatever I thought as a big problem or concern – God is bigger than that! He can make things possible!

So again, to you who is reading this post now, don’t give up. He is in control. You are his masterpiece. Claim your spot and bloom where you are planted because God has it covered!


♥ #inmyheart / a note to self:

You are God’s artwork! Blossom the way you should be!


God bless,

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