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Camping Season in Dubai 2024

I know that most of you might probably think that Dubai (UAE) is a desert place and might be mostly hot. But think again, we also have our own version of “winter” where we go down up to 2 degrees Celsius and even have hails dropping in some areas of the Emirates.

In this blog post, allow me to share what is “Camping season” in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates usually looks like.

  1. When and Where to Camp
  2. What to Bring & Prepare
  3. Things to do

1| When and Where to Camp

Dubai and the nearby Emirates is blessed to have natural and man-made sites that can be enjoyed by family and friends for a day or 2 camping. When “winter” hits the land usually starting in November (mid-October can also be a good start) with full blast cold season in January to Feb (up to March, April still works well too) – everyone takes advantage to experience the great outdoor through camping. It could be by the beach, desert, mountains and lakes. Here are four (4) of the places we experienced camping so far.


🏕️ Al Qudra Lake | Love Lake | Flamingo Lake | Expo Lake

This might be the nearest option for family and friends. Mostly crowded because of its location but if you happen to have a 4×4 vehicle, you can go deeper into the the lake and look for some hidden spots! We happen to have one which is totally a great time and experience. Taking over at least half part of the lake all by ourselves! Shout out to #TeamPira who always keeps us tag along! :)

🏕️ Saraya Island Ras Al Khaimah

This is the my first beach camping location. Actually my favourite of all. I love the view of the beach in one side then mountain in the other. This is best when its on the tail end of winter, moving to spring because that way, you can also enjoy swimming.


🏕️ Snoppy Island Fujairah

We did our Pre-Christmas camping here! A 2-day camping with Kokobear and it was a blast! :) Totally enjoy a similar feels with Saraya.

🏕️ Jebel Ali Beach

More on a “part-time camping” spending the night over food, barbeque and chitchat with friends. We haven’t really did a sleepover camping/overnight here as most of the beach are occupied with trailer camping trucks although the back side is open for camping. But if you are looking for a beach view, a quick swim and a pretty sunset this place is all good! :)


Of course, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other emirates have their own places too. One that I would love to try is Al Quaa – that milky way experience, which Kokobear has done already during my vacation in Cebu. The above 4 places, I personally experience them. Well, our friends @team_pira_ / @team_pira_adventures  will be the best guide :)




2| What to Bring and Prepare

Ideally since this is a camping, then you need a tent! :)

Kokobear and I have this North face tent for years now and just recently we realize since there are only 2 of us, Dora (our car) can actually accommodate us! haha #LateRealization. So, from Kokobear’s Al Quaa camp w/ The Marvels early December last year, we started sleeping in our car, till date all camping so far in Al Qudra Lake – we have been doing that. Such a time saver! Of course windows open for safety. The photo above for Al Qudra is how our set up looked like when we camp with Team Chavez D3 family. You also prepare everything else from blanket,  pillow and other things you need for sleeping.

Moving forward you need to bring the essentials: cooking/kitchen stuffs based on what food you prepare. Portable stoves, a griller, charcoal and camp fire wood. We usually get steak, hotdogs and ramen :) or samgyupsal too! Of course table and camping chairs are mandatory. If you want to enjoy the lake/beach or whatever view, that will be a must. A mat also works! If you have food & drinks that needs to be cold, a small (or big) cooler will definitely give a better quality of cold food/drinks.

Then toilet essentials, tissues, water, portable toilet and toilet chair. You need to be comfy and clean too!

Lights and battery. As the night takeover during the camp, camping lights are essential. Ideally you can buy that fishing rod type lights from many camping stores, or if you want to be a little fancy you can also do fairy lights or similar to Christmas lights around your tent. Battery is essential and so to power it up, a solar panel can help you get more power! :)


3| Things to do

Overall, camping is more on rest and recreation, a few activities include swimming (if on a beach/river), fishing, clams hunting (we did this in Saraya island! Such a fun experience, crabs are available too! Games among family and friends, barbeque and cooking sessions. If you want to be a little fancy a movie through a portable projector is also a hit. If you happen to camp in a mountain, a short trek is also cool! Another thing that is best done is just to simply chill, calm your mind and heart as you heart he waves or the birds around you and appreciate God’s creation of nature! And finally a simple meal over conversations over life lately events and jokes are a good amalgamation summing up the whole experience.

I wouldn’t say we are a pro when it comes to camping, but over the years this has been a great source of relaxation for OFWs like us here in Dubai. A pause amidst the chaos of city life and work. A “me” time for others and a family and friends bonding for all.


How about you creatives how you done camping in Dubai/UAE or in your place? Share your experience, to dos, to bring and any must have?

I would love to hear it!


God bless,







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Share you thoughts :)


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