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Visa Renewal in Dubai (Under Husband/Wife’s Visa) 2020

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It’s that time when a renewal for my Husband’s Visa has to be applied.

Check out the instructions below:

Step 1 – Prepare all the necessary documents. You will need:


  1. Your Original Passport
  2. A copy of your passport
  3. A copy of your Emirates ID
  4. A Copy of your Insurance Card
  5. Medical Certificate (FIT)



  1. Copy of his/her passport
  2. Copy of his/her visa
  3. Original & copy of his/her Emirates ID
  4. Copy of his/her Labour contract



  1. Your house/flat’s Ejari certificate


Once these are ready, proceed to the next step.


Step 2 – Go for Medical.

You can visit the nearest Medical Examination Center For Residency. I went to IBN Battuta as that’s the nearest place for me. They are in China Court just beside the AMER office too!

Wait for a day or 2 to receive the report. Once you are “FIT” print it out and proceed to Step 3.


Step 3 – Apply for the renewal.
  • Option 1 – Bring all above mentioned requirements to AMER and pay.
  • Option 2 – You may ask your wife/husband’s HR to process for you. In my case I took advantage of this through my own HR-PRO :)


Step 4 – The Fees

325/- AED – Medical Test (This includes typing charges if you haven’t done typing yet)

260/- AED – Emirates ID 

456/- AED – Visa Renewal/Stamping 

1041/- AED = TOTAL

Note: May add a fee more dirhams if you will choose for priority type of service.

Step 5 – Wait for your visa stamping & Emirates ID.


Hope this one helps you! :)

Let me know if you have any questions below.



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