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Contract Verification & OWWA Membership 2022 (Dubai UAE)

Hello Creatives!

It´s been a while since my last post.

This one is a quick one. Just a guide on how to get your Contract Verified and update/renew/apply your OWWA Membership.

If you are in Abu Dhabi and your visa is issued in Abu Dhabi – go to the Embassy.

If you are in Dubai and Northern Emirates, you can go to the Consultate.


A. Here are the Requirements:


Full list of requirement depending on the category is on the below link. I´m adding only for Skilled Workers below.
B. SKILLED/COMPANY WORKERS   who are not registered with the POEA, such as VISIT/TOURIST VISA TO EMPLOYMENT VISA or who changed employers on-site
  1. MOHRE Labor Contract or Free Zone Labor Contract or Immigration Labor Contract or Company Employment Contract (2 copies)
  2. Valid passport copy of the worker (2 copies)
  3. Visa copy of the worker (2 copies)
  4. Any proof of current employment such as: current certificate of employment, valid company ID, or recent pay slip or Labor Card (2 copies)
  5. Sworn Statement of the worker providing explanation on how he/she was hired by the current employer** (2 copies) – I didn´t provide this during my appointment.
  6. 40/- AED 


Check below link for the complete details.

For an easier way, prepare the following:

  1. Your Verified Contract (Same as above, already signed and stamped by the Embassy/Consultate)
  2. Employment Certificate or Salary Certificate
  3. Visa must be valid for 90 days. (not required but just have 1 extra copy of your visa)
  4. OWWA Membership Form + Pag-Ibig Membership Form – this will be provided on site.
  5. 92/- AED


A. The Steps

Contract Vertification & OWWA Membership appointments are considered as one. So you only need 1 appointment for both.

First decide on which step you want to take. Right now – CV (Contract Verification) can be done two ways.

  1. Online – Every Monday, POLO Dubai website publishes a form where you can apply and upload your documents related to the CV online. They will review it and advise to collect documents if approved or if your documents are rejected.
  2. Physical – You need an appointment – check the website for the appointment –

As per my experience, it is so difficult to get an appointment. All dates are fully booked. So patience is a virtue. Keep refreshing and refreshing as often as possible because that is how I got my slot. Imagine I started checking the website sinc April 2022. Got the space in July after numerous refresh… and the appointment is on 1-Sept.

Right now, OWWA/POEA accepts applications for CV & OWWA Membership with or without flight schedule.

On the day of your appointment, go the the Consulate, show your appointment with the security guard and they will advise your to go right to the white cabin (tent with AC side of the Consulate)

  • Step 1 – Someone there is giving a coupon/token number for your to use (although I didn´t find it useful though, coz it is pre-printed with a note on how many is ahead of you.). S/he will advise you to Room 12.
  • Step 2 – Go to LUZON (building) Room 12. There is a queue there that starts from the door that zigzags to the front windows where the people in the queue will take turns and present your documents. In the same window you can also pay the 40/- AED pay. The officer will advise you to go back to the white cabin and wait for your papers there.
  • Step 3 – Wait in the white cabin. Someone will be back there calling your name with your signed/verified contract.
  • Step 4 – Go to VISAYAS (building) – the queue there is pretty much all about OWWA membership. Start the queue by presenting your documents (see list above), the assigned officer will then provide the forms to you. Fill them up while you are on the chair and waiting for your turn in the line.
  • Step 5 – Once you reach your turn in the window, present the complete document with the payment (92/- AED). The officer will take all your papers, give your receipt and pass your passport to the next officer – beside him/her for the SSS & Pag-Ibig review/reminder to pay your SSS.
  • Step 6 – The officer will tell you to go up to LUZON, Room 5 at the 1st floor for Pag-Ibig. Go there, the officer will also review your form and advise to pay in any exhange company with the leaflet. Good thing they don´t collect there (as per my last experience)


Tips :-

  • Go an hour ahead (or two) of your appointment. The appointment time seems not to work other than as an ¨entrance pass¨. I came at 11:50 AM (my appointment is at 11:55 AM) and completed my process at 2:30 PM.
  • Download the OWWA App – Register if not yet registered. Add all the info and check if your last payment is still valid. I wasted my time – because I forgot that I did pay mine last year. It is still valid till March 2023.
  • Bring a battery bank. The line is too long that you will release consume your mobile phone´s battery.
  • Try to have wifi/data ready for any urgent need documents that needs to be emailed or printed.
  • Bring the exact change as much as possible for the payments.


Overall, this experience is a little stressful. But I still believe that the process could be shortened. Including my travel time (by metro) it took me 4.5 hours to complete the process.

I look forward to the day, that PBBM´s instruction that all these will only be a click away on our mobile phones.

That´s it for now creatives! Let me know in the comment how was your last experience?




God bless!









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