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LABOR DAY, May 1st

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Labour Day or International Workers Day is celebrated annually on the 1st of May to celebrate the working class and laborers across the world. Most of the countries are suspending works on this date every year. Labor day may refer to us as May day. 


International Workers Day is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country.

But let us not forget the reason of this festivity. Each country has its own story. But the main reason of this festivity is to give honor to workers who are sacrificing their time at work instead of their own family. On history, Labor Day came into existence because workers felt they were spending too many hours and days on the job. 

Today Labor Day is no longer about trade unionists marching down the street with banners and their tools of the trade. Instead, it is a confused holiday with no associated rituals.


The original holiday was meant to handle the problem of long working hours and no time off. Although the battle over these issues would seem to have been won long ago, this issue is starting to come back with a vengeance, not for manufacturing workers but for highly skilled white-collar workers, many of whom are constantly connected to work.


If you work all the time and never really take a vacation, start a new ritual that honors the original spirit of Labor Day today. Don’t go to work (well can’t go to work because of the pandemic). Give yourself the day off (most especially for those who do smart working). Shut off your phone, computer, and other electronic devices connecting you to your daily grind. Then sit with the family. Celebrate having at least one day off from work during the year! Let us make this labor day as a family day. Stay home, wait for the quarantine to end, and have fun with your loved ones!


GUEST POST by: Jeric Urbayo.

Jeric is a young hospitality professional. An ambitious young professional who is currently based in Italy. Check out more of his stories and content from his blog:



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