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Lord, Thank you for today and for every day

Today, I resume back to my work (from home) after a month of forced leave. Without the pandemic, I should have been in the Philippines now – to be specific in Boracay with #TheBELTS. . . enjoying the beach, the sun and my family. Should have been playing with my nephew – Grey! :) For now I’ll just stick to his videos on #GreyDiaries.

Apparently, the new normal for the past 1 and half month now has been limited to the four corners of our home. No I’m not complaining. :) hehe


In this post, I just want to enumerate some of the many things that I’m thankful and grateful.

That starts with TODAY.

Lord, THANK YOU FOR TODAY AND FOR EVERY-SINGLE-DAY  that you have allowed me to wake up and see your blessings.


03-May-2020  |  Today, I woke up at 6:00 am , dragged myself to walk around the DG community. It feels great to actually smell the “outside” and see trees and hear the birds chirping. Yes – we’re allowed to walk/jog/run around as long as we wear masks (gloves optional). At 8:00 am I’m now in front of my laptop – catching up old emails on my inbox to get updated with what’s happening at work.


Dear Lord, thank you for today and every day.

Thank you for:

  • our HOME. Both here in Dubai and in Cebu and Roxas.
  • the online mass and teachings that has been nourishing us in this time of uncertainties.
  • the water we drink every day.
  • the clothes in our back.
  • the food that we eat. in fact we’re gaining bcoz of this! hehe lol
  • for PRAYERS. This tool you’ve given us to be in communication with you.
  • that although a bit anxious, but still content.
  • keeping my family back home safe.
  • your daily providence.
  • air we breath.
  • for ZOOM – that has been a source of communication.
  • for friends that has touched based.
  • for keeping our front-liners family and friends, brothers and sisters safe
  • for the daily protection




Also sharing my Four (4) Minutes of Random thoughts that I published today on my Youtube Channel #JMTV.


Stay safe everyone. We are all in this together!

Lord, hear our prayers. Amen.


God bless,








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