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Meaningful DIY Gifts for Family and Friends

Can’t think of a gift to give your loved ones? Why not make your own? DIY gifts are fun to make, and they show how much you love your family and friends. Read here to find out the best one for you.

Nothing better expresses our love to our loved ones than a handmade gift. In a time of instant gratification, pouring time and effort to create something to give to those important in our lives is a great testament of care. Be it birthdays or holidays, making a DIY gift is a fun activity that’s sure to make the receiver happy.

Why DIY?

If you’re not too proud of your crafting skills, fret not. There are many kits available for purchase online, and they’re not all too expensive either. If you don’t wanna wait for shipping, however, a lot of other easy DIY ideas use things you probably have in your house right now. Your crafting skill shouldn’t be a problem either, as most of these projects are relatively easy to make. Not all handicraft gifts need to be made with high technical accuracy anyway, sometimes you really just need to put in the effort and love.



Let’s start with something easy and traditional. Making a greeting card might sound like such a childish thing to do, but it is that childish wonder that we’re looking for here. You can get very creative with what you’ll design your greeting card with, and if you know what your receiver likes, you can design it around that. Nothing will please a cat lover more than a gift of card filled with cute cat doodles.

Best for: Grandparents, parents, significant others


Ornamental Plant

This one takes quite some time to achieve, as you’ll be planting and taking care of plants from seed to full bloom. However, the care you’ll put in will hopefully be a representation of your love and concern for your family. Ornamental plants are becoming popular recently too, and they make great gifts due to their stress and anxiety-reducing properties.

Best for: grandparents, parents, SO, coworkers, friends


Family Video

Some people have a collection of family videos that are just sitting in their hard drive- the best way to make use of them is to make a video reel for the whole family to enjoy. Put those years of birthday and reunion videos to use by cutting the most memorable part and putting them over music that all of the family enjoys.

Best for: grandparents, parents


Coffee Coaster

Everyone likes coffee but hate getting stains, so why not gift a customized coaster? You can make one from popsicle sticks glued together, or even cut out a corkboard to a fun shape. Once you have materials to make it out of, it’s easy to design it with paint and or even stickers. A coaster is a useful gift that’s comparatively easy to make, so why not give it a shot?

Best for: friends, coworkers


Baked Goods

Along with coffee, baked goods are among those things a lot of people like. Baking for friends and family is a great way to share your cooking or baking talents. And if you don’t know how to bake, this is a good reason to get started. You can bake a fresh batch of cookies or cupcakes for everyone to enjoy- they’re fun to make with your family as well.

Best for: grandparents, parents, SO, coworkers, friends


Personalized Pillowcase

While it might sound difficult to personalize a pillowcase design, it’s actually not that hard. You can purchase applique sets that can help you design and customize one for friends and family. They’re fun and easy to make, and the recipient will definitely feel touched that you put in the effort to tailor one for them.

Best for: Grandparents, parents, significant others


Tote Bag

Even if it’s cheap, a tote bag is a good gift that’s also pretty easy to personalize- just grab some painting materials and art away. And since everyone needs easy to use bags to bring their stuff, this is a great gift for everyone! They’ll remember you fondly for it as well.

Best for: SO, coworkers, friends


Gift Box

For a quick and easy, yet thoughtful gift, a box filled with goodies the receiver appreciates is a good one. Get a box and fill it with chocolates, chips, cute toys, or basically anything they like- and they’ll feel like a kid on Christmas morning when they receive it.

Best for: SO, coworkers, friends


Make It with Your Family

Another idea of this whole DIY thing is to make it together with your family. DIY projects are a fun way to spend the lockdown with your family as they’re a great bonding experience and can help deepen your relationship with your family. So before the next holiday or birthday even gets close, get to project-making! Better yet, give one to your loved one right now- you don’t need a special event to remind them how special they are to you.




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