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L&D : Training Related Books

Learning & Development (L&D) : Training Related Books

Sharing a few books and a short review of each for HR L&D professionals.

This will also include other references that an instructor/trainer could use for his/her contents.


  1. Deliver Great Training Courses in a week – by Martin Manser
  2. The Talent Assessment and Development Pocket Tool Kit – by Brenda Hampel & Anne Bruce
  3. Managing Performance through Training & Development – by Alan Saks & Robert Haccoun
  4. Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go – by Beverly Kayne & Julie WInkle Guilioni
  5. Revolutionized Learning & Development – by Clark Quinn
  6. The Art and Science of Training – by Elaine Beich
  7. Design for How People Learn – by Julie Dierksen
  8. Four Levels of Training Evaluation – by James & Wendy Kayser Kirkpatrick
  9. The Six Disciplines of Breaktrhough Learning (ATD) – by Roy Pollock, Andy Jefferson and Calhoun Wick
  10. Training Design Basics – by Saul Carliner


Adding more soon.


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