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Regardless of whether we intend to or not, we often judge people by their physical appearance. Perhaps this is a leftover evolutionary trait to judge whether someone is a threat to our survival. We often judge people instinctively first and decide rationally later, after all. However, physical appearance does matter. Especially in an industry where appearing in front of people is in the job description. This makes putting effort into your looks a worthwhile investment. Ultimately, we want to make a positive first impression, or at least have a professional one. Whether your job is in front of a reception desk or talking to clients for a corporate firm, there are many benefits to looking professional. Today, we are going to look at a few simple ways to look like a pro.


It Begins with Good Hygiene

No matter how good your clothing is, it will be rendered useless if your hygiene isn’t up to par. Make sure to cover your basics and have proper hygiene. This includes the fundamentals, such as brushing your teeth regularly, showering regularly, and applying deodorant. But to truly look and feel clean, it extends far beyond the bathroom. Bring towels to wipe sweat with, and always carry perfume with you, just in case. Facial hair must be kept neat as well, and keep your eyebrows trimmed. Have a regular haircut to keep your hairstyle consistent and professional. If you’re not too happy with your hair situation, it’s also worth getting a hair transplant procedure. Feeling clean can help play a large part in your confidence. After all, we feel good when we are fresh out of a bath.


Get Clothes That Fit


Most of us know roughly what our sizes are. However, as the years go by, we go through minute physical changes that do not seem obvious at first glance. This is one reason having a professional tailor gets your measurements and has a tailored suit. No matter how expensive-looking or fashionable your clothes are, it won’t positively affect you if they don’t fit you correctly. You don’t need to have a set of tailored business clothes; they can be costly after all (but if you can afford them, why not?). But it will be beneficial if you have one at the store. It will also help you have a better idea of your measurements and decide on future purchases.


Your Shoes Matter, Too


While wearing loafers can be very comfortable and convenient, it will not do you well to always wear one to work. As a matter of fact, only having one pair of shoes will be more detrimental than beneficial. Have different pairs ready to match different colors of your suit, and alternate between shoes to prevent overuse and wear and tear. It is also a great idea to keep your shoes polished and shiny, as they can really round up your professional look. Pay attention to color and texture matching; most shoes go well with a certain type of fabric. You can wear sneakers or athletic shoes on casual days, but you should at least have a pair or two of proper dress shoes.


Wear a Watch


If you look at pictures of popular and successful entrepreneurs, it is almost a guarantee that they are wearing a watch. In the world of business, wearing one on your wrist is often seen as being reliable, professional, and on-time. Why not wear one to complete your look? Wristwatches are very functional and versatile. They can look good regardless of your clothing (but it would be to your benefit to pay attention to matching styles). Furthermore, you establish yourself as someone who values times and is organized, capping off your professional look with a professional air to boot. Wristwatches don’t have to be exorbitantly expensive; there are many great looking watches priced decently. They’re a relatively cheap addition to your look and can pay dividends.


Be Confident

Nothing screams ‘professional’ than being confident in what you do. Second-guessing yourself will only make you look incompetent and unreliable. Of course, there’s little point in being confident in your work if you’re no good at actually doing it, so doing your best to excel in your craft goes without saying. However, even those who are already good at what they do can feel anxiety. And this is where external help comes from-look the part of a professional, and you’ll feel like a professional. This cycle can help you boost your confidence and help people see the role you play at work. Being confident is being professional, and if you’re not confident, you can help yourself feel like it by dressing professionally.




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