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Unanswered Yet?

Unanswered yet? The prayer your lips have pleaded
In agony of heart these many years?
Does faith begin to fail, is hope departing,
And think you all in vain those falling tears?
Say not the Father hath not heard your prayer;
You shall have your desire, sometime, somewhere.

Unanswered yet? Though when you first presented
This one petition at the Father’s throne,
It seemed you could not wait the time of asking,
So urgent was your heart to make it known.
Though years have passed since then, do not despair;
The Lord will answer you, sometime, somewhere.

Unanswered yet? But you are not unheeded;
The promises of God forever stand;
To Him our days and years alike are equal;
“Have faith in God”; it is your Lord’s command.
Hold on to Jacob’s angel and your prayer
Shall bring a blessing down sometime, somewhere.

Unanswered yet? Nay, do not say ungranted;
Perhaps your part is not yet wholly done;
The work began when first your prayer was uttered,
And God will finish what He has begun.
If you will keep the incense burning there,
His glory you shall see, sometime, somewhere.

Unanswered yet? Faith cannot be unanswered;
Her feet were firmly planted on the Rock;
Amid the wildest storm prayer stands undaunted,
Nor quails before the loudest thunder shock.
She knows Omnipotence has heard her prayer,
And cries, “It shall be done,” sometime, somewhere.


Unanswered Yet by F.G. Boroughs, 1879

* * *

Upon seeing this poem on my old files, I rushed to upload this on this blog as I feel the need to publish it for myself and for anyone who are currently waiting for God’s answer.

Even before joining the community, I know in my heart that I have faith and encounters like this affirms my faith. Earlier I also found a letter I wrote to God – that definitely showed that I did have faith and joining the community has strengthen the base of it.

Going back to the above poem, I want to tell myself, all the lines it has and most especially the bold texts. This is for me and for you… That whatever it is that you asked for, don’t think you aren’t heard – it is just it isn’t the perfect time yet. God’s promise, stands forever and He will make it full circle once the time is right.

Yes, creative – this piece has been based on the scriptures:

Psalm 143:1 – Hear my prayerLordgive ear to my supplicationsin thy faithfulness answer me, and in thy righteousness

and also

Luke 18:1 – And he spake a parable unto them to this endthat men ought always to prayand not to faint.


Hope this short and direct to the point blog uplifts your faith in one way or another.

Stay faithful, the Lord hears our prayers, even those that are not said verbally, most especially those that are from the heart.


God bless,







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