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How to Apply for a SENIOR CITIZEN ID (OSCA) | Oct2022

Hello Creatives!

Let’s get directly to the requirements :)

To secure your SC (Senior Citizen) ID, you must be at least 60 years old, a Filipino Citizen and has been a resident in your barangay/city for at least 6 months. If all three is a check, then you are off to OSCA or Office of the Senior Citizen Affairs in your City Hall.

Then, bring the following:

  1. Your PSA Birth Certificate (Bring both original & copy)

  2. 2 pcs. 1×1 photo (white background) 

  3. Residence Certificate/Cedula

  4. SC Application Form (You can get this on site)

Some other OSCA office may require additional ID – any government ID that has a date of birth on it.

What are the benefits of the OSCA ID?

Aside from the fact that this is an additional government ID, the following are the benefits:

  • 500/- PHP Monthly allowance from your local government (this may vary depending on your place, this is the minimum, so far I have heard an additional 50 pesos increase happened a month ago.) Disclaimer: Some cities/municipalities may not release this amount if you already have an SSS pension. This is a per the discretion of the city/municipality.
  • 20% Senior Citizen Discount – for
    • Dining at restaurants
    • In purchase of medicines as per DOH guidelines
    • On Transportation (Land, Air and Sea, LRT, MRT)
    • On Leisure Parks, Entertainment, Recreation centers among others.
  • Express Lanes
  • Priority seatings or accommodation if in a queue
  • FREE Movies on Mondays and Tuesdays (https://www.facebook.com/smsscitycebu/photos/a.355935814420164/1565444260135974/)


What is RA 9994?
Philippine laws have had different names throughout history. Laws were once called “Batas Pambansa”, “Presidential Decree” or simply “Act.” Today, we call Philippine Law a “Republic Act.” Republic Acts are laws and policies that carry out the implementing rules of the Constitution. As such, there are many Republic Acts relating to every aspect of civil society.

The Republic Act 9994, or RA 9994, is a law that provides added benefits and privileges to senior citizens. In other words, it is a senior citizen act implementing rules for the benefit of the elderly. The government aims to promote the welfare of every citizen of the country, even those of age. That said, RA 9994 is the law that created and legalized the implementation of the senior citizen card.

OSCA ID is the only recognized Senior Citizen ID, physical appearance isn’t considered as ID. Any other ID that has the age (though already SC) will not be considered as the SC ID – which allows the bearer to enjoy its benefits.


Why I’m taking about this on this blog?

Because, Mamo (my mom) just turned 60! :) Her IG is @iamjuliabelt – if you like bombil/bougainvillea – check her out)  hehe and yes, I was helping her doing all these processes including SSS Pension application which I’ll share later. I don’t have a photo on site but I just captured these in front of the OSCA Office in the City of Talisay, Cebu!

Hope this one helps!


See you next time creatives.


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