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How to Hold Dependent Visa while moving to a new company in Dubai

Hey there Creatives!

I have been getting these enquiry for a while now. But it took me time to actually create a blog about it because I haven’t experience it until now.

Over the past couple of years, I have encountered this scenario:


An employee resigned and moves to a new company, s/he has dependents under her/his visa like the wife/husband and children. So what should I do?


The UAE Government has granted a “visa hold” option wherein the sponsor can keep his/her dependent’s visa be on hold – rather than cancelling it and re-apply and go through another lengthy process – not to mention the costs involved.


So how is it done?

In the past months, company PROs/GR (Government Relations) personnel used to have this access in the platform and when I happen to experience this first hand – this access is now gone. So how do we move forward? Here are the steps and documents needed to HOLD YOUR DEPENDEDENT’s VISAS.

1. Prepare/Bring Required Documents: As of August 2023, they only require:

    1. Your Emirates ID

    2. Your new Company’s Offer Letter

    3. Payment

To ensure that you are ready in case some new documents might be needed, I suggest you bring the complete documents:

  • Your passport, EID, Visa, New Offer letter (Original & Copy)*
  • Your Dependent’s passport, EID, Visa (Original & Copy)*

*Optional. These weren’t asked when I processed mine, but better be ready than waste your time coming back again.


2. Go to your nearest AMER Center(s)


3. Get a Queue number (that looks like this) – and wait for your turn.

4. Once you are assigned to a counter the officer will ask for your:

  • Related Documents – EID & Offer Letter (+*Optional Docs)
  • Mobile number
  • IBAN Number (Bank Account)
  • Email ID

5. S/He will ask you to confirm from the screen your details;

you will get an sms for your transaction and s/he will request you to pay.

As of August 2023, I have paid AED 5321/-.

AED 5000/- for the holding process which will be returned to your account – automatically once your new visa is stamped. That’s why they asked for your IBAN #.

AED 321/- for the processing fee.


6. Go to the payment counter & pay – PLEASE BRING CASH.

I did mine in IBN Amer, they require cash paymen – I didn’t bring, good thing there is a nearby ATM. Better visit the cashier first while waiting for your turn to make sure if cash or card is available.


7. Return to your assigned counter and inform the officer that you have paid.

S/he will inform you that your will receive an sms confirming your dependent’s visa is now on hold. It will also send an official email to your given email address.

As for me, the sms didn’t come, but when I checked my email, it was there. I waited for another 10-15 minutes before I approach the counter telling the officer that no sms came, she checked and confirmed from the system that it has been hold.




Hope this one helps creatives! Once my new visa comes, I’ll update this blog and let you know how many days it took to get the 5K back.



*** UPDATE! ***

After almost a month, my residence visa was out. I wated for a couple of days before visiting AMER (in IBN where I did my transaction). The front desk gave me a refund queue number, waited for it to be called, went to the assigned counter and gave the officer my transaction number which was on the receipt given to me when I paid the deposit to hold visa.

She asked to confirm my IBAN # and processed payment. She advised to wait 3-5 working days before it will be credited.


3 days later, an sms came :) 5K is back.




Have a great day everyone! :)


God bless!






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