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Online Contract Verification 2023

Gone are the days when you need to keep watch of appointment schedules on the POLO Dubai website, because finally they have introduced the Online Verification system! This isn’t totally new, it has launched back in August 2022 but it was only recently that I get to experience it myself.


There are three (3) options to get your contact verified. You can visit this website to know more (INDIVIDUAL CONTRACT VERIFICATION | Migrant Workers Office in Dubai & Northern Emirates (polodubaiportal.org))

But for this blogpost, I’m sharing my experience with the ONLINE VERIFICATION option!


Step 1 – Prepare all necessary documents:

  • Passport
  • Emirates ID
  • Visa
  • MOL Contract
  • Payslips (Optional)
  • Company ID (optional)
  • Employment Certificate (optional)
  • Company ID (optional)


Step 2 – Visit this page every Monday. The link will be active early Monday morning and will automatically close once it reaches the quota (500 applications)



Step 3 – Read & follow all instructions in the link, attached clear and relevant documents and submit.

You will get a confirmation on your email with your answers plus the instructions that says:

In the next 1 week, POLO will review your submission, if your application is approved, they will provide next steps. If not – additional documents will be asked or it will be rejected.


Step 4 – In my experience I received an email after a week with instructions on which dates I could collect the documents. If unable, you can send someone else to collect it.


Step 5 – Go to the Consulate on either date, bring your passport and Emirates ID and you are ready to get your verified contract.



This is the first time that I’m quiet satisfied with the service. Convenient and fast. The collection time took 10 minutes, my commute with Dubai metro was even longer!


Good job OWWA! DMW!










Note: You don’t need flight details to get your contract verified.

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