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Cebu Vacation 2022 | Recap

Hello Creatives!

Just want to document my last vacation to Cebu this October 2022.

Below will be my schedule and a few photos. Will be linking related blogposts too.

This vacation is from 29th-Sept to 29-October 2022. The main reason for this holiday is  to surprise my mom for her 60th Birthday and indeed it was successful! :) Thanks to my brother and sis-in-law for keeping it till the day/night I arrived!

To ensure safety, because we all know that even though restrictions have eased by, I still chose to stay in a hotel for 2-3 days.

Here’s my day 1 vlog:

Day 2 – Government Items – Making sure that both days are productive, I have made appointments with government authorities for my PRC ID renewal, OEC appointment etc.

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Day 3 – Miscellaneous/Extra Tasks – was spent for a Colon tour, Kara’s chicken lunch, hair re-bonding session & capped it with a Swedish massage. Finally at 11 PM, I went home while the parents are asleep.

Other Days:

Meet Up w/ High School Buddies: Gemma & Jackie

Talisay – we attended the Final Dance rehearsals of Jackie’s daughter. Made us realize gors na gyud! lol Then we had dinner in a nearby restaurant.

Mukbang – Samgyup + Coffee – Final round of bonding this time, near Gemma’s place.

Meet Up w/ GEOS Angels

Samgyup – Of course as ESL Teachers this is the easiest way to eat! Love the bonding time, catch up chikkas and another realization of what life has been.

Baby Kat’s Birthday – Eat and run ok. Thank you for understanding Joyee.


Meet Up w/ Cousins + Dion

SM Seaside

Meet Up w/ Kababata sa Kabanayan

#TheBELTS Family Bonding

Mama’s Birthday

Staycation @ BE Resorts

Beach Day in Tungkop

JM Kayne on #JMTV – Tungkop Beach Day with Family

Dinner sa Chikkaan

There is so much to do, so little time because of the limited schedule for the Annual Day. But still with a grateful heart to be able to do all these amidst whatever it is that’s happening in the background. So to close this post, I’d like to offer a Prayer of Thanksgiving.


Dear Lord,

Salamat sa opportunity nga imong gihatag nako ug sa akong Pamilya.

Salamat sa pag arrange sa tanan nga kinahanglanon para mahimong smooth ni nga bakasyon.

Salamat sa good health ug safe travels sa tanan nga schedule nko during aning nga bakasyon.

Salamat sa laing tuig nga gihatag nimo sa akong Mama, sa iyang ika saysienta.

Salamat sa family & friends bonding.

Salamat sa akong Companya nga ni allow ani nga mahitabo…

Salamat sa tanan, tanan.



Your Daughter, JM Kayne






Thankyou for reading up to this point creative!


God bless you!






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