FORGIVENESS : Last Night’s GOSPEL (2 May 2011)



No long version write ups today… Just a short note about Forgiveness.

Last night was such a BIG challenge for me about “FORGIVENESS”…

 We came early to have a seat in the church, only to end up being removed from our spot, bcoz the Altar servers will sit there… then~ found a place, nearer to the stage, another lay minister came to us & asked us to move backward (not facing the altar) … but the approach was.. grrrr…. Lord, give me…. Patience…

Going home, we took a taxi but a kabayan showed her square face and said that she was first, so we gave way… aguy! Di man lang nagpasalamt, naka-simangot pa kahit galing church! Lord, more patience please…

We went to Khalidiya Mall, Koko was on cue for the ATM, his turn came when a local butts in! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Isa pang PATIENCE…. Haaaaayyyy hirap! Super test kagabi! Huh!

Lord… as the priest said last night, find an excuse to FORGIVE…, Please touch my heart to have the heart to forgive… Amen…

Hmmmmmmm~ LOVING THY NEIGHBORS… ang aga mu naming nagparamdam!

But to conclude the night with a bang, we had a very nice attendee in the Cantina Laredo! ^^
Salamat Lord, for all the blessings!

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