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Chosen One

Chosen One

Surprise surprise!

The girl who struggles to become a part of her university school paper & was rejected many times with her entries is now “The Chosen”.
How grateful & blessed I feel, hearing my name picked to represent for FLIQ Media (CFC-FFL’s Media Ministry). 

As of now I am savoring the moment & currently trying to refresh my mind with the writing stuffs “to do”. And at the same time I have continued making a new website, a blog of the same kind that focuses on CFC-SFL – UAE… Below is the link:

While facebook link is still the most active, I am encouraging every member of CFC-FFL UAE (All Ministries) to contribute their own stories / pictures to tell the world how grateful we are to be in FAITH with our creator!

Send me a message : 
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Will be waiting for your piece!
God Speed Every one!


JM Kayne ^^




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