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This year I guess I will have difficulty recalling bit by bit the events that happened… coz after a long time, it’s been the first year that I am not able to keep my mini diary… or shall I say even my full length diary.. :( (blame it to fb? or Kokobear? hahaha kidding aside ^.* wink~). 
I used to make year end write up, to reminisce the things that have come my way, appreciate the blessings & learn from the challenges that life offered me.. and so this year the tradition continues… 
But … how do I start? 

(Scanning memory for January)… :D

Aha! This year starts from Cebu, as a part of my yearly vacation… I spent my 2nd year vacation from December… for 3 Big events, Christmas, New Year & Sinulog!!!
So, it was a dramatic year opening, I had this feeling of happiness to see my family celebrating my grandpa’s 88th birthday, such a reunion! Then of course Christmas eve & and New Year celebration… shake coins, eat mongo & do the other medya noche stuffs. And what makes me teary was when I felt the Family HUG once again~ nothing beats that warmth! huh! and while writing this , I wish I could have that again this time… :(
Opppppsss that does not end there, my 1st year anniversary came very dramatic too.. shall I say this BIG day is the same day as Sinulog day… and so I found myself alone walking in the streets of Colon, nowhere to go as the whole street was closed either by the people or street market or just closed because of the event. (Huh! sigh*) plus a lil misunderstanding with Kokobear, a short phone call that was cut coz I was angry! grrrrrrrrrr…..
But the night before that? was the reason why I was emo…
It was Cathy oenni’s (Big sister in Korean) birthday (15th Jan) when we went to a resort and I decided to go home after it because I wanted my hair relaxed, yet the rain came & so I was not able to go for it. So I decided to stay at home with my family, although half hearted coz I promised to stay overnight in Cathy’s crib to complete her bday. The rain makes me feel so at home, that it makes me feel like not leaving the house & spend this quality time with Mamo, Dado & Dandan. As hard as it may, I made the lie and stick to it…
Until midnight came, we’re all set to sleep on the second floor beside each other, sharing stories about my life here in Abu Dhabi and a familiar sound came… Knocking my door and calling out my name was Dhion, looking for me… I asked Dado to say I’m not there yet, that I am with RC to fix my hair,,, only to know that RC oenni is one of those who are asking for me.. :( huh! (Such a shame! JM -big liar, & even used Papa) hahaha *uwaw ko*kkk (Well this is gonna be the first time to share the whole story.. just in case some of those involve were not aware… hahahahah) Eventually gave up and let them in. So those were Dhion, RC, Phil, Angels Joy & Archie….:D Plus a support from Di & Cathy herself, who actually sets me up to stay, so they could make the surprise in her house. The group brought a bouquet of flowers, cake & a bear… And so Kokobear was the head!!!!!!!! grrrrrr!!
Feb was hectic, regular Households Upper & Lower and the opportunity to be one of CFC-FFL’s Abu Dhabi Music Ministry! Ha ha, would you believe that!? I am a choir! Kkk
Then here comes March, a dramatic “giving back of ring” for misunderstanding with the bear… the rest of the days? Regular FFL lifestyle.
April  was a roller coaster, toured 5 churches in the UAE. Celebrated 4 birthdays. And a day with 4 events to attend to, We (The Kokobears) were sooo booked J
May was a challenging month; we (SFL) had our first batch of solo CLS. 7 Weeks of Spiritual battle, though not all 7 continued till date, but 3 are active! Praise GOD! Darrelle & I celebrated our Birthday together, with the SFL & with The Pira’s in Fujaira’s Le Meridian hotel!
June was another hectic month, enrolled for a year in a gym, which I personally suspend, coz I have been busy lately,, hmmmm shall I say one factor of my “gaining thing?”kkk hahahah. Then I had my very first CLS talk: Life in the Holy Spirit for SFL’s very first exclusive CLS. The Baptism and we also celebrated Edz Baby Shower. This month is the last month I wrote my mini notes in my mini diary, so it’s like half of the year I miss writing them, so probably I will just try to recall them in a random way…
Opppppsss… I have been writing this 2011 review & was wondering what “special experience” I have…
Then I have this conversation with a Born Again Christian colleague … talked about some verses & ended up about Mary. Gotcha! This year I learned more about the importance of the most popular woman on Earth, through Tito Frank’s “40 days with Mary”! ^^
And hopefully more from “Another 40 Days with Mary” this 2012!
And since I have started it with Religious/Spiritual matter, let me say this year is a colorful year for this aspect of my life. It’s when I consider myself being tested in my faith, I wouldn’t go much into details but I’d say it is when I realize that the “levels” of being in a community takes place in my life. And to me, I am struggling coz I am currently in the 2nd level. Sad may it seem, but it has been hurting me, so difficult ignore things when all I see are the empty parts. I am sad in this happening and I pray that soon I will get over this. Lord I need you here.
On the lighter side CFC-FFL’s Biggest weekend event called Strength in God has been my biggest project in my “hosting career” this 2011. Hahaha celeb ang feeling!kk It was an overwhelming event, to be carrying almost the whole program & did it well as per the audience, praising God for this talent! ^^
Work on the other hand has been very booming, booming that it seems to give me so much stress lately. ETSDC has grown more than ever, BOSIET clients have been like mushroom. But I am struggling especially in dealing with the management, for they seemed not to appreciate what we do, or maybe what I do. And as this year (2011) ends, I hope and pray to get a better environment/management job. Another petition I hope to be answered this year. Please Lord~ J
Health wise, I have been really gaining, too difficult to say no tp parties & eating sessions.. lol
Love life? This is the one that keeps me sane, esp. my bear… Of course normal moods wings & misunderstanding comes along but we still patch things up, even better, and as 2012 comes I am excited to go home with him & meet both family.
Praising and Thanking the Almighty for the god health, for the safety of my family, so does Kokobear’s family. A stronger bond with my friends back home, though were far from each other.
I guess there are a lot of things last year that have made me cry & stressed out, I’d say I am 75-25 or maybe 80-20%? But as  a whole I still know that I am BLESSED and as this year (2012) comes, I am hopeful for a promising chapter along the way in God’s perfect time.. :)
Aja JM Aja on 2012! 

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