AIC Weekend

AIC Weekend:

CFC AIC WeekendE wan Hotel, Sharjah, UAE16th March, 2012

By: Julie Mae H. Bacus


In HIM, we are ALIVE again. Therefore… choose LIFE! – Deut 30:19

This is one of the yearly events I look forward to. A weekend that would allow me to bond with my fellow brothers & sisters in the community and most of all, a day of massive spiritual nourishment. Not to mention, this year’s retreat is headed nonetheless our Servant General himself, Tito Frank Padilla. And I have to say, it is a powerful team as our Middle East Regional Coordinator Tito Benjie Gadi, and Wife Tita Marilyn also joins this event. Plus, the very animated wife of our SG Tita Gerry Padilla (it was my first time to see her in person & never thought she’s that fun & light to be with, yet her talk was straight to the heart!)  Hosted by the very energetic couple Bro. ____  & Sis Daphne.


GROWING As ever! Can’t even occupy the area, because GOD has blessed us with a rapidly growing family.


This whole day Teaching had 4 Sessions. Tito Frank on Life as it’s Fullest, a back to back talk with Tita Marilyn  & Tita Gerry for Alive But Lifeless, Tito Benjie  for Choose Life, Choose God and back to Tito Frank for the final session for Live Life!
Lively & Animated! As what I have written on my fb status: Now attending AIC (Alive In Christ) with Tito Frank on Session 1: Life at its Fullness!  Tito Frank is so animated, soooo ALIVE! (March 16 @ 8:53 AM)


It was indeed an overflowing blessing to be able to hear stirring thoughts from those people we look up to. God’s intention in our life was wonderful;  Life is so Simple, if we only follow God’s will. These thoughts of His creation can be seen in the very first book of the bible: Genesis when God, created this world with the beauty that he himself even made man unto his own image.
Yet human as we are, we intend to do something else that would sometimes lead us not to follow him. We continuously struggle, and though we have sinned, God’s Love has never fail us and he has blessed us even up to giving up his own son Jesus. Sometimes, life becomes lifeless, we come to the point when we are in the crossroads and when we do, and the best way to act on it is to surrender it to him. We fail to manage our time & even use it as an excuse to miss the activities in the community, we are so caught up with the “busy lifestyle” that this world demands and even dwelling so much of negative thoughts that drive us to making wrong decisions in life.
His love is inseparable to us. God never gives up on us! As Tito Franks said with conviction: Jesus is the same yesterday, today & forever!
He said, Choose Life so you may live. This doesn’t only mean about the current issue on abortion divorce & all, but it simply means that in our daily life, responding the right way in every situation may it be small or big, over wrong is a way to show that we are actually choosing LIFE, because life in the Lord (doing something according to his will) is a life in abundance.
When we talk about abundance, this has never been put behind by our creator, from the very start of this world, He has given humanity the abundance of everything. In the present life, the abundance that we gain, is something that we shouldn’t keep in the shelves too, share Jesus; talk about him, evangelize!  As a community we often hear teachings about his goodness and keeping it to ourselves is selfishness. When God bless us with so much it is just right to share it, when this song More than Enough is being played & this line comes “So bless I can’t contain it, so much I have to give it away” I always brings me to an ecstatic mood, that his Love abundant & he deserves to be shared, for the overwhelming feeling that I have is so great that I would want others to feel the same.
A sharing was also done along the way, some videos clips of saints were shared by Tito Benjie & sets of couples came up to the stage to share inspiring stories of their relationship with God; Remembering God, the blessings he showered, the decision to be right, the stand on being faithful and allowing excess things to be discarded if it burdens our relationship with God. A twist of emotions as we smile, laugh & cry to when Bro/Sis Dindo & Kate, Bro/Sis Alvin & ___, Bro/Sis _______(Tito please add the names of the sharer, wasn’t able to take note all of them) :)
Whatever that is happening into our life, remember that there is HOPE, When we have hope, it leads us to PEACE & Peace leads to JOY!


 JOY! : Nothing beats this feelings!


Finally, almost every end of an event, we often sing the finale song ONE WAY! As God says “I am the Way, the Truth & the Life” in John 14:6, here comes Tito Franks discussing the very essence of our community in building our faith for our family, friends & even for our neighbors. There is a New Perspective, a New Time. It is an opportunity to present God in our life & in the lives of the people around us. Remember, living life to the fullness doesn’t mean life has to be like a party, just fun, but actually a rollercoaster of evens may it be, up or down, but this is a process to sharpen us & face life with confidence. Living life to the fullness is keeping a happy life while practicing the Do’s and Don’ts of our covenant with the most high!
So let me leave this sentence for you to complete & reflect on:
For me, living life to the fullness is ___________________________________.


Yes, it was indeed a great day! This photo shows.
There is so much more to share, you miss LIFE if you miss AIC!
Be happy, Be blessed, share Jesus! Choose LIFE!


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