Ginoo Walay Sukod – MYMP

Ginoo, Walay Sukod (MYMP)
Been battling a not so good “song” over my mind & have tried to fill my mind with praise songs, this is one of those that helps much! Not just songs but some not good thoughts, the solution is to sing, not just in the mind, but opening ones mouth & sing it loud. The truth is it’s been 2 days that in my idle time the bad song just sinks in, so I call the Lord to please help! Then I put my mp3 & start songs of praise.

What’s sad is that a friend confirms that she does experiences it too, it’s like because of its good tune, it seems like it is stuck on your head like an LSS (Last Song Syndrome). Be aware! This is not a good sign, if our youngsters who listens to this without spiritual guidance, how will we fight?

We need prayers. We need praise Songs like this.
The song is rendered by a Cebuano artist MYMP.  Listen & Thank GOD!
 Nagapasalamat kami
Sa kinabuhing gihatag kanamo
Sa kalipay nga among gibati
Sa among pagampo, Ginoo dungga kami
Salamat, salamat Ginoo
Walay Sukod imong kayo (2x)
Walay pagmahay Ginoo,
Sa among pagsalig kanimo
Ang kalipay ug among kasakit
Gihalad kanimo
Ginoo, dawata kami
Chorus 3X

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