Last year (2014) the social media world starts to hype a lot of viral videos, events and photos.


Make up Transformation is one of them; our Pinoy personality Paolo Ballesteros even had his share of fame as he captured the world with his own versions of these makeovers.


On this entry – I collected some friends’ version of #MakeUpTransformations, I posted it on facebook and some friends were kind enough to share their lookalikes!! Hehehe


Note: I asked permission from the owners to repost their pics… If I didn’t~ Ahmmmm can I post it? hehehe (late permit) ^^ #PeacePo
This isn’t a make-up transformation, but just “the pineapple” lol

This was taken way back 2006 – in one of GEOS Phil’s classroom – long years earlier before the #MakeUpTransformation becomes a fad! Not really a #MakeUpTransformation but a simple pineapple smile… hahaha
It’s Me as my fave action femme character – Jen Garner!



SFL Bro. Al is — JL! Ahmmmm…


Former SFL Sis Bariz is — Anne! Kahit di chubby, pwede!


SFL Bro. Mike is — Empoy! – Copy!


SFL Sis MaJo is — Sheena Halili!!! :) Oo nga! hehehe


SFL Bro. Rusty is — Chito! Or Chito is — Rusty? You choose!


Fellow UC-ESL Piper Riva is her all time fave actress — Angel Locsin! 


Sis Chingky is — Bea Alonzo! 


Now this is my MakeUpTransformation… what do you think?


Wanna share yours? Email me at [email protected] :)






Share you thoughts :)


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