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Maldives: Bandos

We arrived in Hulhumale at around 6-7:00 am, our energetic Tour guide – Moustafa (we thought because of the welcome letter) who is actually Shirley came in and meet us. There were 11 of us, an Indian couple, an African Couple, 3 Filipinas, 2 European ladies and us the Filipino couple. Briefing and waited for 10-15 minutes till our car came. We’re instructed to take breakfast and meet Shirley at 10 am for the 1stisland to explore.

Welcome to BANDOS Island. Take a pick of our photos…


Go around Bandos Island
Day one was not sunny. Our photos will show you dark skies but Maldives’ beauty will not fail you! Bandos is one wonderful island that will surely give couples their special time together! Right after we docked a small shop caught our attention, visited it and met the one (1) artist who does all the crafts and souvenir but we chose not to buy as its prices are way too high than other shops! – Shirley advised :). Then a short briefing of the locations because Shirley couldn’t stay with us, he needs to go back to the city.
So here are some of the views of the island as we roam around and took pictures of the beach, the nice cottages, flowers, bats, sand and more! Actually we have not captured the whole area, we’ve covered maybe half only, time and weather condition didn’t permit but way too satisfied with the experience.
Our day one was greeted with a long lost experience. That is to be under the rain! We will be creating our first video blog episode of #ByaheNgKokobears – will share that experience soon.
Waited for the ferry to pick us back at 5:00 pm to Hulhumale.
Lunch at 12:30-2:30pm. A variety of food – but can’t find a seafood except for the fish.
Eve Hotel – A two (2) minute walk from our hotel (Sand Gate Hotel) is Eve Caurica hotel, right in front of the public beach of Hulhumale was our meeting place. We gathered and met the fellow tourists and Shirley’s crew. We waited for a few minutes for the taxi but it seems that it’s all booked; therefore we walked to the main street and waited for the public bus going to the ferry.
The Ferry – 10 minutes travel, stayed on the 2nd deck of the ferry, feels like premium tourist!
* * * * * * * *
Note: To have this package we paid 65$ per person (240/- AED) –  inclusive of ferry, lunch and some island facilities.)other items has to be charged.
* * * * * * * *
Dinner was a challenge, since this is our first night – we were anxious of what to eat even though we were given options. There is Sri-Lankan resto right beside our hotel, a 3-5 minute walk for a Indian & Chinese resto and also heard of a Filipino chef in one of the hotels in the beach front. Because I’m not a fan of Indian and Sri-Lankan food (just a little ^^ ) – we chose to be in safe mode. – We went to the Chinese!
We order 2 egg fried-rice, fried chicken and a coke for 30$ (that’s around 110 AED). Surprise surprise!!! Do you see a fried chicken?!?  When we asked, the server said YES it is! A little dismayed, we took in, not bad for a saucy “fried” chicken, tastes like Manchurian chicken though! Somehow we managed to enjoy the meal.

Across the restaurant is a row of 2-storey small shops like “baqala” or mini-supermarket. We went around and bought basic needs such as mosquito repellant, tissue, water etc. The small town is somehow a sleepy one; it’s around 8:30/9 pm – not a lights off yet but peaceful time.
Lights out at around 10:30 pm after posting our facebook with individual status as we need to explore Chaya!
Indeed a fun day one!
Blog post by : JM Kayne

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