IELTS Speaking Test

It was scheduled 1 day before the other 3 modules (Reading, Writing & Listening).

11 Sept 2015
JM– @ 10:40 pm (Koko – @ 1:00 pm)
Syscom College, Airport Road
First small paper (white) is the small sheet given for my room assignment for the IELTS Speaking interview.
The yellow slip below is the one on my table during my Listening, Reading & writing test – the next day.

The Experience:

I came on time & the cue for registration was short. Syscom College managed it well. They requested for my passport and Emirates ID took a photo and scanned my index finger 4 times. The whole bag was kept in one corner; you are not allowed to bring anything except yourself, a small room assignment sheet & your Emirates ID. Watches of all kind, big and obvious accessories are being taken out.
So I enter into a small cubicle, around 2.5 by 3 meters. I found a table, 2 chairs; 1 for the interviewer and 1 for me. A regular greeting “good morning” and I see him sipping his coffee with 2 biscuits on the table. He asked me to take a sit and confirm my registration number and name. At that moment alone, I feel that the test is “mechanical”. I say mechanical because the normal life conversation seemed not to exist. It’s like timed conversation. So he played the recorder and introduced himself. His name was Michael B – (can’t get the exact family name) and his examiner number. He also mentioned my details and the time and location of the test.
Intro, so he started the basic questions:
Part 1
·          What is your name
·          Where are you from
·          Do you work or Study? Tell me more about your job.
Part 2
He gave the instructions: that 1 minute is given to prepare, he gave me a pencil & a paper to write key words. And he gave the questionnaire.
My Question: “What childhood indoor games did you play and enjoy”
Kokobear’s Q: I don’t; know the exact question, but it was about Tourism.
So I prepared. Although I find the question easy I struggle to think of the games. I thought of jackstone and inside the house “hides and seeks”.
1 minute is up!
He asked me to start… I tried my best to stretch my sentences but I guess I didn’t have enough – inside me was a struggle I was trying to overcome. Although at first I find the examiner a bit stiff, but I can see him moving his hand like telling me to “go on, continue speaking, try more”… I feel sad! Personally, although the topic was easy, I thought that I took it for granted. Didn’t have enough vocabularies to add, maybe because I thought of it for granted.
Part 3
While I struggle and compose myself discreetly, I found my senses back on track when he started making follow up questions. Some of those I remember are:
·         When you talk about competition, do you think it is a good one?
·         Are you completive? Additional follow up questions related to my personal work…
·   You mentioned about IPad and IPhone – what do you think is its effects to today’s children?
·         What is the negativity of today’s technology?
·         How do you think it affects the children’s behavior?
For Part 3 – I think I nailed it! Hehehe
He closed by saying “This is the end of the test. Thank you.”
I said thank you and he turned off the recorder.
And that’s it. He didn’t say good bye or anything… I stood up and go directly to the door, tried to make a quick convo asking him if I should keep the door open…
Just close it, he replied.
I went back to the registration, took my bag and the staff said, thanks and bye. Pretty mechanical isn’t it?!?
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2017 | 2 Years Later | 06 Oct 2017

We have to retake for an updated score. Scheduled on a Friday; Koko and I are assgined to the same location: Al Ain University of Sciencce & Technology – Abu Dhabi Campus.

Kokobear @ 10:30 AM

Mine @ 3:10 PM

My question was about someone I know whom I think he/she knows a lot of things. Somehow I was able to expand my 2 minute talk and so I talked over the limit time, after that the 2 way conversation went pretty smooth… I have to say though that I missed the words credible and reliable as I describe news, internet, blogger and information platform… But still I am hopeful I got a better score.

#IELTSTest2017 #IELTSSpeakingTestExperience #BritishCouncilUAE #BCAbuDhabi

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