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7 Korean Restaurants in Dubai we’ve tried so far

If you are like me, who enjoys K-Food – – – for sure one of your first Google search in a new city would be:

Korean Restarants in <insert city>  ↵

and yes I did that here in Dubai or even back in Abu Dhabi circa 2009! hahah

Now, over the past 3 years – Kokobear and I have done a handful of  EATventures in these Korean food havens! For sure there are more so I’ll share an updated blog once the list grows. For now, here are seven of them. Making your search easy, I’m also adding their contact number and address. You’re welcome! 😉

Disclaimer: Some photos comes from their FB page. All opinions are mine and this post isn’t sponsored. 

1-K Pop Chicken

Tried here thrice. First was with Kokobear. Next with a sister (Hello Sis Ama!) and the third was an online delivery. It is more of a specific brunch/meal and not the feast type K-food experience. Haven’t tried the chicken with a beer though :) 














The Experience: The first experience wasn’t as comfortable as the “usual” Korean resto. Side dishes were limited, it was paired with the order you make. It wasn’t the when you enter the resto you get the free “banchan” right away. But the second time I visited, I learned to appreciate the combo style meals and found the salad yummy. Third & fourth experience were through a delivery. Totally enjoyed the 3 types of Korean fried chicken and yes, beer would be good – but haven’t tried it yet (at home only – not in the resto)

  • Location :
  • Website:
  • Contact : +97144340096

2-Hyu Korean Restaurant

CTTO – Trip Advisor

The Experience: This is the first ever Korean restaurant we visited because it is near to our house – it is in JLT. It feels home-y. We met the Korean-owner who was friendly and easy to be with. She willingly talked to us about keeping Kimchi fresh for a while. Food was simple – we ordered the usual one and we enjoyed the samgyatang! Something that amazes us because we don’t need to reserve an hour ahead to get it – it was ready.  Although we enjoyed the serenity of the place, that was our only visit – maybe it’s time to revisit… 

  • Location :
  • Website:
  • Contact : +971-50-2273004


3-Sky Korean Restaurant

The Experience: Because I was looking for a pork (samgyupsal) I searched for that specifically and Sky came up first. So we went up to the Sky! hehe and was not disappointed. The tables are covered from each other, ensuring that you aren´t bothering the other table… They also have big rooms. Service was good, people were friendly. On our next visit, we chanced to try their buffet version and I was really full! All your favorite Korean food is present!

  • Location :
  • Website:
  • Contact : +971-04 448 9833



Side dishes at Koreana

The Experience: This is our most visited Korean Restaurant, 1 because it is near our place. 2 because right after hospital check up it is just in front of it. 3  because the server is an Ate who speaks my dialect and its easy to communicate plus they both are very accomodating. 4 – Food is nice although they limit some for Koreans only. 5 because simply the ambiance is nice.

  • Location :
  • Website:
  • Contact : 04 392 9918


5-Seoul Garden

The Experience: I had big expectations… maybe because it is Seoul??? hehe We happen to be around the area and remember that Koreana´s owner was the brother of this resto (as shared by Ate, who usually served us at Koreana). So I dragged Kokobear and we had a room – an exclusive one! That´s a good impression. But then it went down when the server wasn´t able to understand us. Another minus is that their side dishes isn´t refillable – they told us that only twice. And do you know what???? the cucumber kimchi that has literally 2 or 3 pieces!!!! come on!!!!! It also worsen when one of our order wasn´t served! Didn´t have a happy tummy! So never again! Unless there is no choice!

PS – Didn´t have the appetite to take photos… coz I was definitely disappointed!

  • Location :
  • Website:
  • Contact : 04 337 7876


Let this EATVenture video explain the experience :)

  • Location :
  • Website:
  • Contact : 04 354 3110


Visited the Media City branch. This is a combination of Korean, Japanese & Thai food.

The Experience: We opted the basics but we enjoyed more the  It was spicy & yummy and such a big bowl! So we had a take out! :) Visited only once, but not planning for a revisit anytime soon.

  • Location :
  • Website:
  • Contact : +971-54 441 5475




Bonus: Kaffe Bloom


Did I forget anything? Or do you know of another K-resto that we haven’t visited yet? Comment below and let us visit it soon! 

2022: So far we´ve also visited Romantic Baka.

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