Maldives: Chaya

Maldives Day 2 is another cloudy day – not sunny but cloudy, based on the weather forecast another rain is about to come at around 4:00 pm. Meeting place at Eve’s once again, then headed to another Ferry site going to Chaya Island. This time we have a 12-seater speed boat! We had a bumpy & fun ride as the speed boat maneuver into the sea jumping/leaping into big waves. I can hear my tourist-mate enjoying the ride… with Ohhhh~~~ woooow~~~ Oppsss… water splashing in and out! It took us 15-20 minutes to land Chaya’s dock. We were greeted with a very nice view – a pre-entrance view and a few walk to the concierge.
Briefing done, went to the PADI Diving shop to rent our fins/floaters/mask etc. Then by pair we went our way to whichever part we would want to visit in this lovely island. Popular in many Maldivian island is a water bungalow or villas. So Kokobear and I first headed to that area and enjoyed the open sea and its view. Picture here, picture there, picture everywhere! Of course we’ve done Chaya 360 which will soon be featured in the video that Koko and I are creating.
Lunch was ready at 12:30 – this time, they are not ready –instead you have to ask the chef to cook for you! Salads, sweets, pasta, bundles of bread, burger, and a steak! I had a blast. Forgotten any word that says diet! Hehehe
Time to dip down the water! You would never believe what we’ve seen just few meters away from the beach front! A school of fish!!! Orange fishes and the like! Shirley gave us some bread and headed to that are which is definitely as snorkeling haven! Sadly go-pro’s memory went full! But we realize that those encounters with such big number of fishes were meant to be felt and not just seen – that means try to take this trip too! I think the island was bigger than bandos, it has 2 sides of water villas and we conquer just one side. The beach was a bit rocky but for me it’s a good resort for families. We’ve seen in-house guests couples & family & we even saw 2 sets of wedding, I mean groom & bride who were doing their shoots.
After snorkeling, we have few more minutes to chill and stayed into the water. Looking from the horizon and relaxed.
This time, I start to feel the sun-burned on my skin.

Before the imminent rain – we made our way with the speed boat and reach Hulhumale in no time. Tired but still with so much energy!

* * * * * * * * * * * This package is at 100 $ per person * * * * * * * * * *
Dinner this time is from Airport Beach Hotel, Finally we found the Pinoy chef! For only 25$ we had a sumptuous, really happy tummy dinner of a rice & a fresh fish sinigang! Ohhh my! While writing I can still savour it! :) Worth its price indeed!
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