Today is a long day, OT and a very loaded, stressful week for me. After work I headed to a restaurant to fill my hunger tummy and regenerate energy. Taxi was rare, I waited for some time – some overtake and took the cab which should be mine. But I stay calm and finally it arrived.

Me: Hamdan boss

Driver: Where exactly…

I gave the location but he didn’t know. So I asked:

Me: Are you new?
Driver: Yes. Yes in Abu Dhabi but not in the UAE.

So I told him to drive to Hamdan & I will teach him where the location is. In a minute; he noticed that I was blank – gazing from afar without anything on my head. He asked:

Driver: Madam, how are you? How’s work?

Me: I’m Okay, work — is … hmmm not ok (bluntly said that because I was really tired)

Driver : Ohhh, madam! Work should be good! It is the source of our life, especially financial aspect.

Me: But not at all times, work is good if you don’t work like a carabao, when you work for 3-4 people on your shoulder. (Sigh!)

Driver: But Madam, just think that it is a challenge from God. It is actually an opportunity to test your patience. It is making you strong… (I was intently listening & felt a pang on my heart!)  To make you realize that you can do more than what you think you can. In the end you will succeed.

I was out of word, I totally agreed to everything He said. All I did was nod and say yes.
When we arrived at the location, we were talking about another topic related to faith & religion, but it was cut short…  While I was waiting for my food – I can’t control the emotion inside me and got teary-eyed. It’s a wake-up call!  

On my head: Oh God! You always have your way to remind me about how blessed I am; and you even use simple people to knock on my head and heart.


It is actually a blessing and I thank the Lord for that!

Trivia – The driver is from Nigeria & his name is FrobicherSsegomja (maybe you get a chance to ride with him, tell him thank you! He was used by God!) – 14 October 2015

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