Maldives: Adventure Trip

Day 3 – Adventure Trip

Day 3 is no different from the past 2 days. The only thing is that we don’t stand by in an island; instead we are offshore 80% of the trip. They call it Adventure trip because it allows you to do snorkeling, jumping from the 3-storey boat, and dolphin watching + a short stop over at Himmafushi Island where you find the cheapest souvenir shops in the island compared to the shops in the capital.
We started at the same time at 10 am and road a small boat to our Tourist/Adventure 3-storey boat. Stayed on the 3rd floor and went our way to the middle of the sea. Seeing different islands around with a bluer sea because this time it is sunny makes me feel blessed to actually see Maldives in its best form. Right in the middle of the sea we stopped and did snorkeling, more fishes and corals, beautiful under water scene.
Snorkeling was fun, we had new comers who are doing their first day with us in this trip, 3 couples who are unlikely adventurous; Shirley spent much time to teach them snorkeling.  Kokobear jumps his way from the 3rdfloor – but as for me since the current is too strong, I just go directly to the sea.
Dolphin show was on when in fact we didn’t expect for it anymore because we spent much time in the Himmafushi and were amazed with all the souvenirs. But we’re too blessed to see the dolphins even if a rain is coming. There were a lot! Our tour guide & boat crew even said that for the longest time they have not seen this number of dolphins considering the weather.
Going back was a rough sea, from afar we can see Hulhumale with a big black cloud ready to give in any time. We were happy and we enjoyed the day. A sumptuous lunch, not as expensive as the past 2 days in a 5* hotel but the chef was good! Tried coconut, coffee and some Maldivian delicacy made of flower.


————— This package is for 110$ per person ————

Dinner? Well we had grilled fish and a very good spicy vinegar + soy sauce! Happy tummy again!

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