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Social Media. . . Last night I watched ABNKKBSNPLAko (A Filipino movie with Jericho Rosales on it) and on one of the scene Echo who plays Roberto (Bob Ong) discussed with his bff Ulo (played by Vandolph) about people sharing their life on social media; “What they are, where they go, their wife, husband, kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, foods they eat, the places they travel etc. Is it a benchmark of a person’s happiness? Sometimes social media is being used to hide the real scene of a person’s life, even showing the world you are ok when in fact you are at a point of breaking down. It has become a platform to be proud and conceited.”

Somehow it hits me! There are times I over-post and share un-necessary posts. So I came across this link about the some DOs and DONTs on Social Media and I thought of writing my own personal version of it as a #notetoself and as an observer of my own wall where I see my friends’ post their life…

Mine are as follows:
1.  Social Media 101-A: Friend zone. I wanna know if a personal social media account meant to be a collection of friends? How many of your friends do you have on Facebook or followers on twitter and Instagram? (Pause – – – check your profile…) Ask yourself, how many friends do you have on Facebook that are your actual friends (in real life)? Do you actually want to show everyone that you have these thousands of connections but then in reality you don’t even have a personal contact with them? “Social” means relationship, so if they don’t count, take them out! Clean up! (I’m cleaning mine after this post.)
#KnowYourContacts #FriendsFamily #Acquaintance
2.      Social Media 101-B: It’s not your diary. You don’t have to post everything about your life on fb, twitter or on Instagram and on any other social media platform. Know your limits; this is not your diary. There are some thoughts and photos that are better kept hidden and as a beautiful memory of the heart.

Do you want to write more/ make a blog instead!

#AFriendlyReminder #NoteToSelf #GuiltySometimes
3.     Social Media 101-C: Tags, Leaving the group. It honestly annoys me whenever I am tag to something I am not even aware of, I understand that this could be a marketing strategy but some points are too shallow and not acceptable at all. Before tagging a friend, make sure to first if he/she might be interested of the subject. The more appropriate way is to actually ask permission to that person.
Regarding leaving a group may it be in a social group or of a private message group – it is best to inform people first before leaving. I have this impression that if you leave a group – it usually means that you are not happy, you are upset on whatever is being discussed. Unless it really is the reason then no need to explain yourself. But if it is because you are of no interest and no connection at all to you, then bid goodbye properly. Avoid bothering people asking you you left the group chat/old group chat maybe just by deleting it.




4.   Social Media 101-D: Stay positive! You don’t want your circle of friends to be miserable when you’re miserable, unless you are that type of person. Use this platform to inspire people, to let them see the brighter side of life. There is no need to tell the whole world about how your life sucks, better share it o God or the closest friends and family.
#NotANewsPaper #NotADramaSite #Positive #Encourage #Inspire
5.  Social Media 101-E: Career Profile. According to the latest strategy on recruitment; companies nowadays and some of HR practitioners apply the Social media bait of asking applicants to open their accounts and show them their profile/wall. A reflection of who you are will manifest on how you behave based on your social media posts. You are what you share.
6.   Social Media 101-F: Blessing not Bragging. Say it’s a blessing. Avoid over-posting of the blessings that god has given you. Yes it is ok to put them but not all the details. You could always express your gratefulness in a way that it won’t appear as being too proud and comes up as bragging.
7.   Social Media 101-G: Love life tale. I do understand that when we’re in love we fly to the moon and back! But for me (this is a very personal stand – no offense to those who might be hit with this, or conservative lang ba ko!) – posting intimate pictures of you and your special someone need not to be shown to the World Wide Web. These are important moments in life that are better shared by two people in love. I am with you when you say, we would like to share the happiness to the people around you butwe should know the limit.

     #Intimate #SharedWithLovedOnesOnly

8. Social Media 101-H: FB Fad. Ever wonder once or twice when the who facebook world turned their profile pictures into rainbows? And currently into the tri-color (red/white/blue) as France’s flag colors… This is in support to some cause. But before clicking that button to be one with the others, step back and ask yourself – what is this for? Do I stand together with the “cause” of this online “solidarity”? Do I understand what I am standing for once I turn my profile photo into : rainbow, or tri-color or all black etc.


#KnowTheCause #UnderstandDontJustFollow
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Note: I may add more if I notice and observe additional input.
Here is the link of the good read of the article I mentioned earlier:

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