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5 Small Ways to Help During Covid-19

5 Small Ways to Help During Covid-19

1. Stay at Home

The best way to stop spreading the virus is for us to stay home… Not yet applicable here in Dubai as of writing. But in the Philippines this has been mandated by the President. So make the most of your time at home. Social distancing is critical and we need to do our part. Frontliners part is to risk their lives because of the call to serve, our part is to STAY AT HOME!


2. Donate to Help our Frontliners and Daily Wage Kabayans

Our frontliners (doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, police, military, government officials etc) are putting their lives at risk for us to be safe. While a big fraction of our population depends on their daily wages… Therefore there is a big need to help them. Some NGOs, private entities and celebrities have done their part… Here are a few ways to share your blessings through these drives:

  1. Bella Padilla ​on Go Fund Me.
  2. Caritas Manila
  3. More list is on this news from Rappler.


3. Spread Awareness not the Virus (mindset)

So many things happening, so many information that overwhelms people. So, be a source of correct and confirmed information only rather than spreading another “virus” – the virus of negativity, fear and fake news! Read and follow legit news providers, don’t simply share what you read on Social Media. Spread good news and stay positive. Together we will get through this!


4. Follow and Obey the Authority

It’s as simple as A B C. Follow what the authority says. The government’s priority is the safety and well being of the citizens. Don’t act out and video/record a scene on the street, arguing with the enforcers – YOU ARE NOT HELPING!… Follow-Obey-Be-Safe!

Be a responsible citizen by following the instructions and by educating others what should be done.


5. Keep the Faith

Spend sometime for your spiritual health.

Most of the time, we say that we are busy – busy – busy. NOW! What do you think is the best thing to do during this Work at Home / Lockdown days? Why not make time for Him!

○ Novena

○ Rosary

○ Online Mass

○ Praise and Worship playlist

○ Listen to Podcast with Faith topics

○ Check out YouTube for some Reflection and Teachings.


Whatever your religious stand, I know for sure that a part of you want to get connected to God. It’s high time to reconnect, reignite that bond.

How about you?

What positive move have you done to ease up the mental stress that everyone around the world is going through now?


God bless,








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