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30-Day Journal Your Feelings Journey (with Amber Rae)

In this time of uncertainties… it’s a good time to let our feelings out. Therefore I’m joining

Amber Rae’s 30-Day Journal Your Feelings Journey.

Over the next few weeks, Amber Rae will be sending guide questions or journalling prompts to get us started. As a creative, Julia Cameron suggested morning pages… a process where one writes all her/his emotions in a paper through writing it in a non-stop free-flowing thoughts within (at least) 20 minutes in 3 full pages. At times we can’t find the motivation to write, so here comes Amber Rae – whose the author of Choose Wonder Over Worry – a new favorite of mine. She’s guiding us through in these moments of uneasiness, anxiety when we’re staying at home.

What better way to become productive by releasing tension and stress through writing your thoughts.

Here’s the FAQ from her website:

At first, I was thinking of answering these questions here publicly… but as I go through the first 5 days, I found them intense and – have chosen to take it privately on my journal. So, I decided to keep them to myself. Anyhow – this is just a pre-guide as I encourage you to sign-up with her daily prompts.

Let’s get started with the first day guide.



DAY 1 – 22 March – Your journalling adventure begins today.

Start by tuning into your feelings. Pull out your journal and complete the following sentences:

I feel . . .

I want to feel . . .

To feel this way, I will . . .

DAY 2 – 23 March – What are your feelings trying to tell you?

Start by picking a difficult emotion that’s been present for you lately. Maybe you’ve noticed feeling anxious, bored, lonely, sad, scared, tired, or overwhelmed. Whatever it is, know that it’s okay to feel that way.

With that in mind, at the top of your journal page, write: 

Hey [the emotion of your choice], it’s me, [your name]. You’re safe and welcome here. I’m here to listen. What are you trying to tell me?

Next, free-flow write, as if the emotion is speaking to you, until it feels seen and heard.

Giving your emotion a chance to speak might feel uncomfortable at first, so if that’s your experience today, that’s totally normal.

DAY 3 | 24 March | Ask for guidance.

Your invitation for today is to ask for guidance. 

At the top of your journal page, write: 

Hey inner wisdom*, it’s me, [your name]. I’m here to listen. What guidance do you have for me?


*feel free to replace “inner wisdom” with intuition, source, God, Goddess, Knowing, or whatever expression resonates most for you. 

Next, free-flow write, letting guidance speak to you, until you feel complete.

Two suggestions:

  1. You can leave it open-ended, or you can ask for guidance around a specific challenge or curiosity.
  2. If it feels uncomfortable at first, that’s okay. Whatever comes up for you is wonderful. Just like we don’t build muscles after going to the gym for one day, our inner world needs stretching and strengthening too.

DAY 4 | 25 March | Create Safety from within

Your invitation today is to offer a compassionate ear to your inner child so that they can feel safe, seen, and heard. 


Building on the letter writing we’ve been doing the last few dayspull out your journal and at the top, write: 

Dear inner child, It’s me, [your name]. I’m here to listen. What do you need to feel safe right now?

Once you feel complete answering that, ask: 

When you start to feel anxious, overwhelmed or afraid, what do you need from me?


An alternate approach: 

If writing to your inner child feels unnatural, try these prompts instead:

What do I need to feel safe right now?

When I feel anxious, overwhelmed or afraid, what do I need?


DAY 5 | 26 March | Reclaim your power.

Here’s how we’re going to explore that today:

  1. In a fresh page in your journal, make a list of every anxious or fearful thought you’re experiencing right now, like “I don’t know when this will end” or “What if someone I love gets sick?”
  2. When you feel complete, review the list and circle the ones that you either have control over or can do something about.
  3. Next to each one that you have circled, create a tiny action step. For example, the tiny step for “I don’t know when this will end” could be “I’ll focus on doing my best today.” Or, the tiny step for “What if someone I love gets sick?” could be “Call my mom.”
  4. When you’ve finished with your tiny steps, go back to the ones that you didn’t circle because they are beyond your control. Tell them: “Thank you for trying to protect me. I appreciate your concern. I’m good for now.”


To get the complete 30 days journalling prompt, sign up on her website here:



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