Movie Review : Miracles From Heaven (2016)

CAST: Jennifer Garner, Martin Henderson, Brighton Sharbino, John Carroll Lynch, Queen Latifah, Hannah Alligood, Eugenio Derbez, Kylie Rogers, Gregory Alan Williams, Rhoda Griffis, Kevin Sizemore, Kelly Collins Lintz, Wayne Pére, Judd Lormand, Carla Shinall

Yes I am a fan! 

For a while I have been looking forward to watch this movie. I have been following Jen taping this film since last year.
The plot has been clearly defined in the trailer. A loving family who has 3 daughters and one of them (Annabel) has an incurable disease that up to date science don’t have an answer.


“Are you there!?! Can you hear me!?! Cause I can’t hear you”! – Christie Beam (Jen’s character) asked by looking up to heaven. We all go through this moment, when we tend to ask God why, where are you? Why of all people; I or this person has to go through it? These are questions that only faith could answer.  


The film’s setting was way back in 2011 – when the 10-year old Anna Beam suffered a rare stomach disorder, making her unable to eat and continuously suffer pain to the point that she already wants to die and go to heaven where there is no pain. (This scene quenches my heart). After that near death fall, things and her condition changed – they came back to the hospital where she was admitted and Dr. Nurko (you will love his character here!) said there is no evidence of a chronic illness. So how did it happen? 


The film seemed perceptible or “could be known what’s next” but the whole movie especially the scenes will surely leave a mark on your heart and mind.  


Being a Christian, it will make us reflect of who are we among those many characters in this movie. (Share your thoughts in the comment below)…


Tickets and status! – Excited to see it, here are our tickets and status check in at Vox Cinema – Nation Towers. As of writing only Nation Towers – Vox Cinemas has this filmed shown. Maybe after a week it will be around the UAE – but no guarantee.

In this scene, when there is nowhere/no one else to run to, we know exactly where to go. I believe she prayed in tongues in this scene, it gave me goose bumps!

Over-all, a very good faith movie that is worth to be watched by the whole family! Don’t ask me to rate, I’ll be biased! hehehe


All I could say is catch it while it is still showing! J and you’ll never regret it! Showing date – 16th March 2016.

For more details you could visit Wikipedia and the official website here. 


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