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When Prayers become a hit!

18 March 2016 

Here comes my own testimonial of how powerful PRAYERS are! I am saying “PRAYERS” because I am referring to the collective prayers of the people who have heard my plea.  


I delivered a talk on Loving thy neighbor in one of the CLS a couple of weeks back and on that event, I closed my talk by asking the participants and the service team to pray for me for the struggle that I have been seriously dealing with, related to this commandment.  


When Prayers become a hit! Indeed, (after the talk) – a week had passed without a sign of that struggle I shared to them. True enough, God heard the collective prayers offered by these people who shared a little time of their busy schedule to pray for me. Their prayers became a hit! … This thought left me with a smile, remembering that in the community we all believed that the more people praying for your intention, the more God hears them, that’s why we pray in our households as “Lord, hear “our” prayers”.  
* * *
Flashback: It was just last week when I delivered a talk for SFL C2’s CLS Talk 5 – Loving Your Neighbor. In my 7+ years of being in CFFL I have to face one of the most difficult teachings of all time.  Whenever you are anointed to become a speaker of a certain topic, most common misconception of it is that because you have a related experience, others include because you have been a speaker for a while so it doesn’t matter what topic will be thrown at you, or perhaps they think you are good at it.


If I were invited to do this talk sometimes back or in any other time, I would say I couldn’t deliver the goods – because I don’t have a dramatic and compelling story to share about loving an enemy. But! This talk came just as perfect as it should be! It came in a week where I am in a very serious struggle of applying and putting this teaching into life. It came when I have been tested to extend love even when it already hurts (Will share this story in a separate blog/article once I overcome it completely)…


When Bro. EJ called I had hesitations; not only because it was 4 days to go (conflict with the original speaker’s schedule) but because I though am I worthy? I don’t think I’d be effective – as I am in struggle with this love.


I prayed and shared it with Kokobear (my husband)… and asked God:


“Lord, pinili mu ba ako dahil gusto mong balikan ko ang teaching na ito at i-check ang kondisyon ng puso ko?”


“Kaya ko po ba? “


“Mabibigyan ko ba ng justice ang usaping ito?”


Those are some of my questions I had with Him… For a while, I was convinced that I have been handpicked… Two days later, like any other speakers, we all go through harassments and I am no different. When I thought I am ready, Satan said No! You are not worthy, because you hate him, because you despise him, because you are actually committing a sin! – Because I don’t love him!


Wednesday afternoon, my morale went down, my strength weakens. I am no longer fit to do it – my mind is clouded with thoughts that are not of God. I am about to ring Bro. EJ and give up. I was using my strength. 


Bombarded myself with praise songs… I went back to my senses and ask God his leading, nonetheless whenever you surround yourself with positive thoughts that are those of God, He will never forsake you!  


The session completed successfully!  


I realized that to be effective, you have to have something to give to your audience; Tito Arsie said in his talk during the second SCG, “You can’t give what you don’t have…”


On my part, I have given a take home that will allow them to reflect their own life’s struggle of this commandment. I also understood that there is no need to have a perfect/closed story to be able to stand in front of the people and share your current encounter and be a witness. 

To everyone who prayed for me, I THANK YOU! May you continue to storm heaven with your kind prayers for me & to those people who need it. May your love be felt by praying for those who needs it the most.

This is PRAYERS becoming a hit!

May God be praised! 

God bless,

JM Kayne

Note: This article has been set to be published in CFFL – The Vineyard Magazine issue 10.

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