ColorRun Abu Dhabi 2016

A beautiful day in Abu Dhabi . . .


How we get there:


As soon as ColorRun Abu Dhabi opened the registration and highlighted that the run will fall on a Saturday 12.03.2015, Koko and I never hesitated to register. So we got an early bird registration for on 140/-AED per person. And all we have to do is to wait for the event. Of course a bit of preparation was also casted, Koko runs while I also do – –  rarely till the day. :)
On Friday – 11th March, we took our package – including the t-shirt and other stuff at Yas Marina where the event will also take place the next day. Taxi was 53 AED one way! :)  That was like… if two-way – almost another registration!!! But no  worries, we are up for the fun and we have waited for this for a while…

On the day

Another round of taxi fare making it like paying the regular price… (oppps not complaining… hehehe) went a bit late at around 7:00 am where the venue is almost full! We headed directly to the warm up area where Reebok was assigned for the stretching, dance moves and all other exercises. Koko and I had our own share of “Come… baby I’m worth it… toot toot toot…. lol”…
After half an hour, we are all set for the run!
We belonged to the 3rd wave (group).

The Experience

Fun! Although I was a bit disappointed because I thought all the way to the 5000 km runs the color fest as well! Nevertheless, there were actually Color Stations (we’re first timer actually!) Yellow-Blue-Orange-Pink & rainbow!
Posting our video here soon —  –
It is great to see a lot of people just having fun. If I heard it right, there were 8000 beautiful, fun-loving people who signed up! And though rain seemed to threaten the start, it never pursued.

Will I recommend it?

· Yes because it is a great time to have fun!
· Yes because it’s a time for family to gathering and bond
· Yes because it’s good for the health! (telling this on my face!)
While not many actually run, (including me and Koko) but walking does a long way. Mixing fun and exercise does give benefit! J
Lastly, this type of event is a good way to push people to do walking/running even without much pressure on them. Personally I prefer this type of unconscious exercise. ^^ Although I am quite aware that health is wealth, therefore constant exercise is required! And YES, it is on my “to do” list!

Color Run Abu Dhabi, checked! a

Here is our video :)

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See the full photos in #NothingButMemories!


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