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TGIT – 10 Counted Blessings

Inspired by the song Blessings by Laura Story… Every day we go through different challenges that are maybe not good – but could they be God’s way of tapping us and reminding us, hey! I remember you that’s why you are in “this” right now… Almost every talk in the community I attend, we are prompted of the blessings that we have at hand. So I thought, why not make a series of blog about it!?!

Thought of the title and came up with TGIT- # Counted Blessings!

Since Thursday is the start of weekend here in Abu Dhabi, I thought it is a good time to wrap up the week’s events by counting the blessings. There is # (number sign) because I would like to add whatever number of Blessings I get. I’m sure more than these numbers God has bestowed our whole life with grace, mercy and blessings so to sum them up are rarely impossible. It is then not limited or restricted to 10, I can note as many as I could.  
So I’m taking this lead to note them and inspire you my beloved readers to do the same whether by blogging or with your personal diary.
I am starting the series of Thank God It’s Thursday – #Counted Blessings!!!
Disclaimer: I will give my very best to make this a new habit… But I’m not promising it to be on weekly basis. I will try though J

1.    Life

Because it’s the first series, I want to take this opportunity to thank our creator for this life. It is not perfect, nor easy or hard but God has always been a lifetime buddy! All Praises to Him.

2.    Not My Task

This week a colleague thrown her tasks to me and it made me mad inside. I feel like I’m doing almost everyone’s job in the unit. It took me some minutes to recover that negative emotion. But last night’s talk of Bro. Bo – lingers on my head. “See things as blessings, not a problem”… So I condition my mind… and finally after completing the task, I realize I gained something in doing it. Because I learned something new with SAP J 

3.    Week 2 of When Prayers Become a Hit

It’s the second week of this line of mine that I use for the prayers I asked with the CLS Participants. … The office captain has been fairly mellow. ^^ 

4.    Free Foodie – Tues-flat/Weds-office

Last night our cooker didn’t work – but with the generous heart of our flat mates, I got pasta shared by them! Today, Wednesday – when all my food/biscuits are out – here comes extra snacks from our training center! Thank you Lord, #happytummy 

5.    CFFL TVM comOnline Blog

I know not all CFFL Brethren get their The Vineyard Magazine copy – so I thought of a project of making an online TVM Blog. This is not yet approved, but I shall update you soon. I think it is a good way keep the articles and write up circulating the net and indeed inspire not only CFFL members but everyone around the world wide net. Crossing Fingers for its launching. Thank you Lord for blessing our writers with this talent. 

6.    Down on Memory Lane – RC, Phil, Pipers and Curly Tops

To talk to old good friends is always a blessing. I went around the market and saw this childhood chocolate – Curly Tops, made me smile and chatted  with Phil and RC. Also the active Pipers chatroom is making me really smile. It’s good to know that even with our distance, we all still connect. Thank you Lord for Technology! 

7.    Bo Sanchez Talk on YouTube – 22/03

While Editing TVM10 – I had Bro. Bo my buddy on YouTube and listened his talk about being a Problem Magnet, or a Blessing magnet? The rest is history, that talk inspired this blog too! 

8.    Miracles in Heaven

To watch it last week is a blessing and over the days – the scenes and lessons have been playing all over on my head. I hope everyone get a chance to watch it. 

9.    Upcoming CFFL Echo Conference

Excited for a full-packed April! That means more teachings and blessings are coming their way. Thank you Lord for the gist of Community. 

10.  Blog Views

Last year I gave a shout out to 10,000 views of this blog: #InMyHeart – a mile stone for my almost 6 years of blogging. Last night I check out my latest blog views and showed me 14,000+ and counting!!! Isn’t it amazing!? that means I’m almost half of the 10,000 views created in the past 6 years just 3 months this year! Thank you for the interest everyone. I will try my best to make things better and interesting. J

—————- . ♥ . —————-
Lastly, comment below your own link of counting your blessings :) Let us all share God’s Love.

No intentions of bragging, its about knowing you are blessed. ^^ May God be praised in this series…

Share you thoughts :)

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