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You Blog You Vol. 2

Blog Series: #YouBlogYou Vol. 2

The series continues, here is my Vol. 2 

  1.      In your opinion, how important is it to produce good photographs for blogs?
Very important, people or readers nowadays prefer visuals than just texts, I personally visit  blog or a site again and again if I find his/her photos interesting!
2.      What gadgets do you use to take photos? You can name more than one.

     Iphone, also a DSLR owned by my husband, Ipad. But I am no professional with taking photos, I just simply take them. That’s why it is on my resolution this year. 

3.      For how long do you own those gadgets?
A while.
   – Been an Iphone/Ipad user since 2012.
   – DSLR came just last year, 2015.
   – Koko has Hero3 and
   – an Instax polaroid.
4.      Will you recommend those gadgets to your fellow bloggers? Why or why not?
Well, I guess I’m in no position to say a recommendation regarding these gadgets for now. :)
5.      Do you use any other application to edit or add filters in your photos? If yes, could you share it with us?
I do, I use IOS app like, Font Candy or PhotoGrid. Rarely Adobe Photoshop.
6.      Who usually takes your photos aside from yourself especially on OOTD shots? Show gratitude by mentioning them here.
Myself and Kokobear! Thank you to my ever supportive husband! ^^

7.      Aside from the camera, what accessories (or props) do you use to take photos? Ex: tripod, flowers, makeup, etc.

     Whatever is available, that I think could make the photo look better.
8.     How do you come up with your photos? Do you research first how you should  pose, how the products should be presented or it just goes naturally?
     It goes naturally!
9.  Do you have gadget you wish to receive this Christmas?  What and why?
     Nothing. I’m happy with what I have. But maybe a polaroid printer.
10.  Do you have an Instagram feed or blogger you look up who produces great photos? Share them with us!
     Yes! Aside from my favorite Kim Jones, I look up to these Instagram profiles:
*Hello Kris                        *5ftinf


*Marie Lozano                               *NadineLustre

10.  Share three (3) photography tips to newbie bloggers.
:) Not now. hehehe


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