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Life Backstage

Posted this photo on Facebook last Saturday (16.04.2016):

“Didn’t have time to take a pic with Kokobear during #UAESC2016 (esp. w/ the backdrop #Misericordia) … Yesterday we experienced the hectic life backstage.
It was fun, challenging and tiring. But at the end of the day, we praise God for the strength & experience that He gave us!
This made me realize that in each event the people behind the scene are those who actually made the program successful! Kudos to all #ServiceTeam and most especially to all our missionaries  #TitoBenjie_Angel_RJ_Jepoy
Kaya kahit di man ako nka pagpicture… Puno naman ang puso at isip ko sa Mercy, Grace at Love ni God!!!
We return back all the glory to the Lord! This is an experience that truly touched our hearts and soul! “
—————- . ♥ . —————-

Yes, I haven’t collected much photos but I am sharing some of what I took through my phone. I will also be sharing my personal reflection of the events this April. Planning to add it on CFFL – The Vineyard Magaazine (TVM) issue 11. But for readers and followers like you, :) You will get that refelction first before it get published!

Watch out for it soon.

God Bless you!

Share you thoughts :)


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