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Transcript | Journal With Me on #JMTV

Heya Creatives! Sharing with you the script I made for the vlog: Journal with Me on #JMTV.


Hi Creatives,

Another day another vlog… Today in JMTV – Journal with me.

Journaling sounds like a new thing over the internet – but in fact this practice has been carved into history and humanity, thousands of years ago!

Journalling is a beautiful way to ‘slow down’. A lot of creative and thought leaders have used this tool to unload, create and brainstorm though the process. In the earlier video I shared on Why I Write and one of them is to write just to relax and record the changes and happenings of my day to day life.

Many introverts claim to find solitude through writing and journaling and letting the emotions flow through the pen and paper. Having some time to reflect and the strength used to unload by handwriting, – we’re actually coping with stress and anxiety.

In this video, I will share a few journaling prompts for you to get started. If you haven’t kept a journal yet, feel free to use any notebook available.

For some people, this practice could be new and alien and somehow doesn’t know where to start. So I’ll be sharing a few prompts such as guided reflections/questions for you to write and journal. You can press pause whenever needed so that we do journal together.


Let’s begin with today. If you’re doing this in the morning, start with this question:

  • What do you look forward for today?
  • What do I want to accomplish today?


A few follow-up guide questions are as follows:

What are you seeing in the surroundings now? How are you feeling? And Explain why.


Now, you can pause and start writing.


Moving forward, let’s try something relevant these days:

  1. How have I really been in this time of pandemic?
  2. How’s my family and relationship?


You can pause and write.


Julia Cameron the Author of The Artist’s Way — and the proponent of Morning pages said –


“Pages must be done longhand. The computer is fast—too fast for our purposes. Writing by computer gets you speed but not depth. Writing by computer is like driving a car at 85 mph. Everything is a blur. “Oh, my God, was that my exit?” Writing by hand is like going 35 mph. “Oh, look, here comes my exit. And look, it has a Sonoco station and a convenience store.”
― Julia Cameron,


This quote from Julia simply means that when we go too fast, we lose the chance to notice the simple things that matters or that helps us.


Finally, I’d like to do a nightly reflection question:


Journaling at the end of the day is a lovely way to slow done and quiet our mind, and here’s a couple helpful reflections to think about:

  1. What significant/not-too-significant thing happened today.
  2. What new thing did I learn?


These are easy and simple questions to start with. You can do this in your daily journaling and star the habit.


And I’ll close this episode with another quote from Julia Cameron.


“Pages clarify our yearnings. They keep an eye on our goals. They may provoke us, coax us, comfort us, even cajole us, as well as prioritize and synchronize the day at hand.
If we are drifting, the pages will point that out. They will point the way True North. Each morning, as we face the page, we meet ourselves. The pages give us a place to vent and a place to dream.
They are intended for no eyes but our own.”
― Julia Cameron,



Thank you for journaling with me creatives, I hope this helps you to get started with this helpful habit.


Tell me in the comment section, Do you journal? Why?

Have a great and meaningful day creative.


Here’s the full video (if you don’t feel like reading :D )

Stay creative! God bless.










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