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10 Must Visit Places when you’re in Cebu (City)

CEBU – My beautiful city has so much to offer. But what if you only have a short time to stay? Here are my “MUST VISIT” places when you visit the Queen City of the South! Above photo is from Kasia of Stylish travel Trips.

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     1.       Sto. Niño Church – also known as Basilica del Santo Niño

It is in Osmeña Boulevard, D. Jakosalem St, P. Burgos St. and the Plaza Sugbo where the Magellan’s Cross is located. The main entrance is on Osmeña Boulevard. Two blocks north of the basilica is the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cebu.

It holds the major masses during January’s Sinulog Festival where novenas & high masses are done.*Entrance Fee – None. Free, it’s a church.Official Website here.
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2.       Cebu Metropolitan Church

       This church is a memorable one for me and Kokobear. This is where we tie the knot!
Across Sto. Nino church you will find this beautiful haven.*Entrance Fee – None. Free, it’s a church.Read more from Wikipedia.
Photo from /
Trivia : Our Wedding in May 2014 happened here :)


3.       Magellan’s Cross

The seat of Christianity lies within. The cross that Magellan brought to Cebu is inside. The original crossed is
encased inside the wooden cross to protect it. Read more here.*Entrance Fee – None. Free, open to public.


Kokobear’s first visit in Cebu. back in 2012.


4.       Fort San Pedro

It is one of the oldest ports in the country. Today’s structure dates from 1738 and is the oldest triangular bastion fort in
the country. Located at Plaza Independencia.
*Entrance Fee – 30 Pesos (price as of June 2016)
Our Wedding reception happend here… May 2014

5.       Colon Street

       Colon Street is the country’s oldest street. I have spent most of my college years in this street as
       I worked at Colonnade Mall. Old movie houses, ukay-ukay shops, posters, baber shops, grocery 
        stores etc are on its line. 

       *Entrance Fee – None. Open, it’s a street.

Another moment while doing the pre-nup … in Colon Street

6.       Cebu Heritage Monument / Parian 

The monument that depicts historical events of Cebu. Made of cement, iron and steel, it shows Baptism
of Raja Humabon, Sto. Nino Procession, Battle of Mactan and more. Read more in Everything Cebu.
*Entrance Fee – None. Open, it’s right after the end of Colon street.


During one of our Pre-nup stops

7.       Taoist Temple

Built in 1972, located in Beverly Hills Lahug for the substantial Chinese community in cebu. It’s  entrance to the

temple is a replica of the Great Wall of China.

     *Entrance Fee – Free
Taoist Temple – never had the chance to visit this place until we did our Pre-nup . . .

8.       TOPS

Maybe one of the most overrated tourist spot in Cebu. At the top of Nivel Hills, you will enjoy overlooking Cebu City. It

doesn’t offer much, just a place to relax and see far with its horizon. 

*Entrance Fee – 100 Pesos (Price as of 2016)
Another Pre-nup picture in TOPS

9.       Cebu’s Provincial Capitol 

We call it Cebu’s White House because pof it’s external similarities of USA’s White House… *Entrance Fee – None. Open, it’s a government building.

Photo credits to the owner… Found it on Facebook/Instagram 

10.   Larsian Barbeque, Fuente

This is Cebu’s most popular Barbeque place! *Entrance Fee – None.
You just have to pick a stall and order the food and pay as your order.
Photo from my Aunt’s Larsian BBQ Station – Kristine & Daling BBQ Fb page. Now called VHEZ BBQ

These are 10 of the must visit places. This list will take you only 1 day!




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