Abu Dhabi 10 | v2.0 – Free Site-seeing Places

After that most visited Abu Dhabi 10 post, here comes version 2.0 where I will be sharing 10 of the Tourist spots / activity that you can visit or do in Abu Dhabi. I am aware that there are a lot of sites to visit in this place I call my second home, but I’m sharing you ten; 10 of the spots that are free! Who doesn’t like freebies? For items 1 – 7, I have pre-written it and shared it on a site called Biggie Tips – the link of the full article is on the bottom of this post.
Here is a glimpse of numbers 1 to 7.

So let’s jump right away to place number 8!

#8. Family Parks

To name a few free family parks are Baynunah park (opposite of Corniche beach area), Khalidiya Park, Capital Garden and Lake Park (Corniche east side), although some of the parks around now have a minimal entrance fee of 1 AED just like the park near my house here at Elektra park. It’s a good place to spend time with family to unwind and enjoy some barbeques! Most of corporate or group (Christmas) parties are also done in these places.


#9. Fishing Under the Bridge/Breakwaters

Thinking of clearning out stressful thoughts and do some mind cluttering moment? Why not go fishing!?! Along cornince area is a breakwater where you could actually do fishing. Other places includes under the bridge in Maqta bridge, Salam Street Fishing spot and even in some coastal areas in Mussafah & in Mussafah bridge too! Some fishing areas require license though, but for as long as you make it for leisure you can enjoy that free fishing sessions!

This one is a 15 seconds video in one of our fishing sessions.

#10. Series of Events @ Abu Dhabi Corniche Activity Area

Corniche Beach has a part where they arrange events such as the National Day activities, Yas Salam concerts, cultural shows like the Mother of the Nation Festival and other nation’s activities showing off music, food, and variety of activities of which sometimes takes  3 days to a week. And if the events are off, this place is a good place to chill out as some cafes & restaurants are around too!


Here’s a snapshot of Biggie Tip’s front page when my article was published. Read the full story on 7 Sightseeing Places in Abu Dhabi for Free.

Did I miss anything? Hope you enjoyed that, and share in the comment below your experiences!

God Bless!!!



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  1. Tracey Best says:

    Great ideas! I’ve been to Abu Dhabi via transfer a few times but just waited at the airport as I just want to get to my destination, lol. But have stopped in Dubai and loved it! Will definitely stop here for a few days next time I’m on a long haul flight.

  2. I love free things! who doesn’t! what a great collection of free things to do in Abu Dhabi! Thanks for the information!

  3. Kelly says:

    This is a great resource – looking forward to checking out the full list!

    It’s interesting because I would never think to go fishing in a place like this, but it makes perfect sense! Especially because it’s free.

  4. Thank you so much for all of the recommendations! I have to stretch my dollar as far as I can when traveling in order to make the trip happen, so finding places that are free is amazing! Abu Dhabi looks so pretty, I hope to enjoy some day soon!

  5. Citlali Flow says:

    Wow Jm, I dind’t know you live in Abu Dabhi for 8 years now!!.. Such a wonderful experience I think, this place is definitely on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing!

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