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Sri Lankan Foodie – ආහාර (āhāra)

As a part of every travel; it is indeed a good way to know more about a country’s culture with their food. Sharing a separate blog post of our gastronomic adventure in Sri Lanka!


Trivia: While in Sri Lanka, the 3 of us never had lunch!!!
Wanna know why? . . . Read on! :)


Two (2) of the three (3) days tour that we had started early in the morning because of the distance of the sites we visited. Day 1 & 2 – we had our packed breakfast.


The hotel packed a very “safe” set of breakfast for the three of us: Cheese Sandwich, Orange or a banana, a slice of cake and a boiled egg! (Missed to take picture of this)


No lunch because – we tried to catch up and cover the entire planned itinerary and we only survived by water and the breakfast pack while on the go. Hungry? Yep but we didn’t feel it much –although I feel a bit sorry with Amila (driver/guide) that he didn’t take food (maybe)…. maybe because we were so engrossed with the activities that when we look up our watch, it’s past lunch time and yet too early for dinner. Part One – will be about our Sri Lankan Foodie adventure… Part Two are the general/international foods we ate. 


Part One – Sri Lankan Food
Day 1 Dinner  @ Kamlo.
Got curious what a “Devilled” Chicken, Pork or Beef – So I chose that!
Devilled Pork… Yes it’s like a beef steak but has a distinct sauce which I believe that’s what “Devilled” is…
CURRIES!!! – Ate Amie & Koko took Shirmp and Chicken curry, w/ 5 side dishes of eggplant, cabbage, coconut salad etc.
Kamlo Restaurant’s entrance. Right in front of it is a bar!


Day 2 – Dinner @ Dee Tree (D3)
Egg Rotti. It’s a snack!
Chicken Kottu – A heavy dinner that requires no rice. It is made of variety of vegetables such as cabbage, onions and a Gothamba ma roti – – – a simple Sri Lankan flatbread usually made from wheat flour. It also has a mixed of chicken.
Take a look on how it is done:


Part Two – General/International Food (in SL)

Fried chicken.
Vegetable rice.


Hotel Breakfast

A burger in Galle…
Bottled Water in the railway station – night market stall areas. 1L water usually costs 100 Rupees (2.70 AED). Smaller ones cost 60-80 Rupees (2-2.10 AED)
Third day dinner was in KFC! We were so excited to see a familiar resto that we asked Amila to look for KFC! And yes we did! The thing is, I forgot to take a picture! ha ha ha

Last Night Dinner


KFC night was a good one. But what gave us a happy tummy is our Seafood platter dinner at the TUSKER. The total cost of this dinner was around 6800 Rupees or 50 USD (185-190 AED) for 3! The restaurant was fully booked when we arrived, so we have to wait for some time. And the wait is just worth it because we enjoyed what they’ve served us!


SaveSaveOver-all, the dining experience in Sri Lanka was not bad. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant about how the food will be. I am not a fan of curries and I thought it will have less options. To my surprise, the stalls lined-up right on the street of our hotel has so much to offer! If I am to rate my over-all foodie adventure in Sri Lanka; out of 10 I would give it 7 or 7.5.
Have  you been to Sri Lanka? What food have you tried?
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