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SRI LANKA Day 3 – Galle

Welcome to day 3 of our Sri Lankan adventure. If you enjoyed Day 1 & Day 2, well there is more! See the summary below.

Day 3 – Galle
– Left hotel at 9 am
– Turtle Farm
– River/Mangrove Tour
– Buddha Statue 
– Moonstone/Gem Factory
– Dutch Canal
– Galle Jewelry Street
– Skills fishing (missed)
– Head home, dinner on the way @ KFC
– Arrived hotel @ 10 am  

Turtle Farm @ Arun & Aman Turtle Conservation and Research Center

Entrance Fee – 1000 Rupees (27-30 AED)
Tip – Expected 
 Kokobear holding a  5-kilo turtle.
 Sri Lanka has 5 out of 7 (in the world) species of turtles.

Our 1 and half drive started at 8:30 am, arrived at the Turtle farm and started holding/carrying turtles of different shapes and specie. According to our guide the world has 7 types of turtles and 5 of them can be seen in Sri Lanka. It took us less than an hour in this place and moved forward to the next destination. 

River/Mangrove Safari 

Entrance Fee – 2500 – 3000 Rupees (30-65 AED)
Tip – Expected 
Part of this cruise is a stop over in one of the fish spa along the river, cost 150 rupees per person.

It took us more almost 2 hours to travel this very wide and long river/sea connected to the Indian Ocean. We owned the small boat with our guide/boat driver. We stopped over in some islands and the most interesting was the Cinnamon Island wherein we were able to see how the oil and powder are prepared. It was sunny & cloudy and we are facing the sun all the way!  This activity is actually the cause of our sunburns. :)

Buddha Statue en route Moonstone Factory

Entrance Fee –  Free
Tip – Not needed. 

It’s a big and white Buddha statue standing in the middle of a small river with a bridging one point to the other. This can be seen as we proceed to the next attraction.  

Moonstone / Gem Factory

Entrance Fee – Free
Tip – Not needed, but maybe buying a stone/jewelry will make them happy. 
A raw moon stone it is. Actually they also have other precious stones…

It was a holiday so there were few workers in the shop, a lady showed us some of the stones they get from the hole moon stones were popular in the site but they also have other precious stones such as amethyst, sapphire, emerald and more. After the tour, they will show you’re their shop and you can start your shopping :)

Dutch Canal and Galle Jewelry Street

Entrance Fee – Free
Tip – Not needed. 
 The canal is overlooking Indian Ocean… strong waves and big rocks right in front of this deck.

The canal and Jewelry street are back to back, in front is the Dutch Canal where you see the Indian Ocean and a beach front where many people gathered, this day was a holiday and so the area which is considered to be as a park as well is full-packed. We took some shots with the light house and then go back to the street of Galle where you see a long line of gem and souvenir shops. We stopped at one burger shop, a gelato shop and a tea shop. Chilled out for some time before returning to our car. 

We missed Skilled Fishing; it was past 5:00 pm when we arrived the place. So we just do the U turn and headed back to the city. Along the way – since we’ve been craving for a Western food, we’ve asked our driver to look for KFC and lo and behold, we found one!!!  
We’re home at 10:00 pm. 
This day was short and sweet but I enjoyed it like the past 2 days too. Try checking out SL Day 1 and SL Day 2 blogs too!

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