Social media has highlighted many #RelationshipGoals photos and videos. In a recent blogpost from one of the bloggers I follow – Kryz on ThirstyThoughts , she wrote an open letter to the millennials… inside that blogpost are beautiful photos of her, but then what happens behind the scene is something not many know. . . which makes a superficial/shallow #hashtags of #WhateverGoals!

In this blog post, I have asked some friends of what are their #RelationshipGoals (in all aspects) many have seen it but only 2 brave souls were keen enough to give me a respond. So here are 3 #relationshipgoals + explainations (I have added mine too.)

Read on!

#1. Watch the moon and stars while doing a back float.

There is a challenge of trust in floating, while both eyes away from one another. A feeling of serenity; talking each other while looking to the moonlight and sparkling stars. Indeed, will relax to the depth of both souls. – Rei Moises (Visit her blog on MsPoetRM.)

#2. Understand.Love.Talk

Dapat mag intindihanay kmu mga duwa kng anu problema nga duwa histrayahan para indi mag lab ot sa away, kag mg palanggahanay kmu nga duwa. J (You should understand each other. Whatever the problem between the two of you, you should talk over it and avoid getting  into a bigger fight and also you must love  each other.) – Rhoda Chavez

#3. Serve in God’s Vineyard.

Whether in church or in a Religious community like CFFL/CFC-FFL (CFC Foundation for Family and Life / Catholics for Family and Life) – I believe every couple (boyfriend-girlfriends/married ones) should allow themselves to grow spiritually in the content of serving God. Inside a community you will surely know your strengths and weaknesses. I can vouch for that.– JM Kayne

Hope this list inspires you (whether single or in a relationship) – make sure you tick off these #RelationshipGoals or #RelationshipBucketlist!

How about you? What’s yours?

Sharing more of your #RelationshipGoals soon.

God bless!

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  1. This is such a beautiful post. My husband is my photographer for my blog so we always spend alot of time to together, but we always make sure to listen to each other if we have an argument (very rarely) and never go to bed angry. Bad energy!



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