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Social media has highlighted many #RelationshipGoals photos and videos. In a recent blogpost from one of the bloggers I follow – Kryz on ThirstyThoughts , she wrote an open letter to the millennials… inside that blogpost are beautiful photos of her, but then what happens behind the scene is something not many know. . . which makes a superficial/shallow #hashtags of #WhateverGoals!

In this blog post, I have asked some friends of what are their #RelationshipGoals (in all aspects) many have seen it but only 2 brave souls were keen enough to give me a respond. So here are 3 #relationshipgoals + explainations (I have added mine too.)

Read on!

#1. Watch the moon and stars while doing a back float.

There is a challenge of trust in floating, while both eyes away from one another. A feeling of serenity; talking each other while looking to the moonlight and sparkling stars. Indeed, will relax to the depth of both souls. – Rei Moises (Visit her blog on MsPoetRM.)

#2. Understand.Love.Talk

Dapat mag intindihanay kmu mga duwa kng anu problema nga duwa histrayahan para indi mag lab ot sa away, kag mg palanggahanay kmu nga duwa. J (You should understand each other. Whatever the problem between the two of you, you should talk over it and avoid getting  into a bigger fight and also you must love  each other.) – Rhoda Chavez

#3. Serve in God’s Vineyard.

Whether in church or in a Religious community like CFFL/CFC-FFL (CFC Foundation for Family and Life / Catholics for Family and Life) – I believe every couple (boyfriend-girlfriends/married ones) should allow themselves to grow spiritually in the content of serving God. Inside a community you will surely know your strengths and weaknesses. I can vouch for that.– JM Kayne

Hope this list inspires you (whether single or in a relationship) – make sure you tick off these #RelationshipGoals or #RelationshipBucketlist!

How about you? What’s yours?

Sharing more of your #RelationshipGoals soon.

God bless!

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