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Etihad Airways – Airline Review

The Basics

*Flight No.: EY 428

*Destination: Abu Dhabi to Manila

*Date : 29 December 2017 @ 10:05 am

*Class: Economy, window aisle27H 

*Duration: 7 hours, 30 minutes

*Abu Dhabi Terminal No.: 1A Gate 22

*Baggage Allowance: 2 check-in bags at 23 kgs max & 1 hand carry bag at 7 kgs.


* * *


It’s been 9 years since I became an OFW. Been in and out of the Philippines for quiet sometimes but then it is my first time to fly with UAE 🇦🇪 ‘s National carrier- Etihad Airways. So in this quick review allow me to share my experiences and opinions on how this flight went. Basically I just landed in Manila and currently waiting for my next flight to Cebu… a layover of 7 hours there is. Now let me start.

Frequency of the Flight

Etihad Airways flies to Manila thrice in a week.

Morning Flights are good for me. It’s relaxing compared to late night or dawn schedules.

Seats & Entertainment

Seat set-up is 3-4-3 for the Economy class. Comfortable enough. Personally I chose an aisle seat near the toilet so it would be easier for me to move as it is only behind me. Seats has individual entertainment set called E-box where a variety of movies, TV series, music, games and more are available.

The Service

The crew and the rest of the team are supper friendly, they we’re able to manage easy to difficult type of passengers and on our aisle, if I haven’t mistaken, I guess she’s an Aussie.

The Food

Snacks was served right after take off. I had a pack of peanuts and a choice of drinks. This time I chose a red wine 🍷.

After a couple of hours lunch was served. A vegetarian option and a chicken cooked in coconut milk (somekinda Thai in taste) were the options, plus again your choice of drink. I took the chicken option and an apple juice. This set is fine, actually it tastes good but, personally I didn’t dig that much – not so much of a fan and somehow a part of me was a little in dismay. So I looked at the positive side and hopeful of a better meal no. 2.

In between the next 3 hours, the stewardess goes around asking anyone if we need water, coffee or tea. Took a little nap and soon after an aroma of food woke me up. Oh-oh! I thought my meal no. 2 is going to be better but it was a choice between sandwich and a cup noodles. I took the sandwich, which again still good but not literally a favorite of my taste buds. 😔


My Rating:

Star Star Star Star Half black and half white star shape

Over-all I would say that I am satisfied and happy with the experience. Maybe the only half star missing is for the food :) But other than that, I would definitely love to fly again with Etihad Airways!

How about you? Have you tried this airline?

Let us know your thoughts on the comment below.



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